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Zavier (ザッハ, Sacher) is a character in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Despite considering himself an adventurer, Zavier is rather cowardly. Zavier always retreats when he and Raguna encounter the bosses of caves, having no qualms with leaving Raguna to fight alone.


Zavier is never seen doing any adventurous activities like fighting the monsters or mining. Zavier simply stands at Carmite Cave's first field, or Misty Bloom Cave's entrance, further implying that he is rather incompetent for an adventurer.


Zavier is the son of Lady Ann and brother of Tori.


Loved "Thanks! I love the Devil Horn!"
Devil Horn
Liked "Thanks. I like the [item]!"
Apple, Medicinal Herb, Cornflakes, Corn On Cob, Baked Riceball, L. Mayonnaise, Courage Badge
Other items not listed
Disliked "You're giving me [a/an] [item]? It's not like I'm not grateful or anything... But why?"
Weed, Rock. Grape, Diamond, Gold, Antidote Herb, Warrior Cert., Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Crystal, Bronze, Iron, Branch, Withered Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass, Toyherb, Paragon, S. Yogurt, Blue Grass, Green Grass, Indigo Grass, Purple Grass, Yellow Grass, Red Grass, Ultimate Curry, Feed, S. Egg, Antidote, Roundoff, Cold Medicine, Neutral Agent, Greenifier, Formula A, Pendant, Cheap Bracelet, Charm, Earring, Poison Ring, Parasite Ring, Silent Ring, Leather Boots, Ice Cream, Pineapple Juice, Turtle Shell, Squid, Sardine, Orange Juice, Fried Eggs, Salted Salmon, Salad, Rice, Chocolate, Wine, Flour, Oil, Curry Powder, Rice Dumplings


Zavier also has a crush on Mist, and is shown as being jealous of Raguna and his relationship with Mist. If Mist is married, Zavier makes Raguna promise to watch over her. He also has some dialogue about trying to figure out how to win her heart, such as not liking baths, but thinking that it "wouldn't be a big turnon for her."


Zavier goes throughout the caves and dungeons around Kardia and often found in Carmite Cave. He fancies himself to be a treasure hunter and is far too busy to help Ann at the Inn.



  • Zavier shares the same birthday as Lute from Rune Factory: Frontier.