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Zaid (ゼゼ, Zeze) is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Zaid looks boisterous and reckless, but according to the other residents of the settlement, he is very dependable in spite of his negative traits, and is apparently quite generous when it comes to them. He was the one who found Will, Kuruna's pet. Zaid is also highly competitive, and hates to lose any kind of contest.

Zaid is quite a rugged person and is very proud of his own bloodline traits and physiques, such as his silver eyes and his muscles. He is also very loud and clear about what he likes: Udon. Even though Zaid is always being to outspoken and brave (yet), he's a bit of a child when knowing of his special day, and likes to use the term "gimme, gimme!" unlike anybody else. In his speech, he always likes to talk in a chain. He is mostly seen with Ondorus during the festivals.


He is a dwarf, living in the Univir settlement in Sol Terrano Desert. Zaid wears a green clothing, and has shoulder-length blond hair that he keeps pulled back into a ponytail. His eyes are silver, the same as the rest of his tribe, and he's very proud of them, occasionally bragging about them to Micah. He also brags about his 'muscles' despite the fact that he seems to have very little.


Before he lived in the Univir settlement, Zaid used to live in a town that was inhabited by his dwarf clan. However, he claims that humans detroyed this town and he had a hatred for humans as a result of this when Micah asks him why he isn't living alongside humans as he is a dwarf like Gaius. This also shows a relation where he and Doug (from RF4) were part of the same clan before this attack happened and Zaid was the only survivor to not be manipulated.


Zaid: Come here!{end}

[00000109] Zaid: Come see me!{end}

[0000010A] Zaid: I want to talk{end}

[0000010B] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[0000010C] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[0000010D] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[0000010E] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[0000010F] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[00000110] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[00000111] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[00000112] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[00000113] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[00000114] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[00000115] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[00000116] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[00000117] Zaid: Help me out!{end}

[00000118] Zaid: Random Quest 1{end}

[00000119] Zaid: Random Quest 2{end}

[0000011A] Zaid: Random Quest 3{end}

Zaid has a total of 16 requests.

Number Title Requirement Reward Type
po - 01 oira no toko ni koi! -
po - 02 shitai ga aru -
Owl - 01 Come here! Pineapple -
Owl - 02 Help me out! Battle

Come here!

"Right now! Hurry!"

Come here! (今すぐ来てくレ!, ima sugu kite kure!) is one of Zaid's requests. He asks Micah to get him 3 pineapples.


When Micah first meet Zaid, Micah will ask him why he isn't really short. Zaid says dwarfs (In Rune Factory) are normal sized.


Zaid doesn't like insects, claiming he'd rather fight a Hercules Beetle than face a "speedy black bug" that he saw. Zaid hates sweets, maybe because he's very sensitive to sweet things like Marian's over-sensitivity to the smell of tomatoes. Zaid calls his sword "Mr. Slice", and is always sharpening and repairing it.

Loved H-Hey... Is this... ❾アイテム9❾? You're awesome...
Tempura Udon
Liked Oh?! Udon! It's so good. Thanks!
Udon, Curry Udon, Fried Udon
Neutral Hmm, well, I guess

I'll take this.

Disliked Reaction 1 | Reaction 2
Ugh... I'm not like Kuruna... Keep those sweets away from me...
Failed, Trash, Pudding, Pumpkin Pudding, Cookie, Chocolate Cookie, Apple Pie, Yam Dessert, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Poundcake, Pancakes, Donuts, French Toast, Baked Apple



Techniques: Silver Hail

  • Zaid with charges at the enemy and transists between them like a gale hail. His attacks are all rushing-based attacks, which always help with knock-backing the foes. Zaid would likely use most of his Shortsword skills like Dash Slash and Power Wave. He's fast and reckless enough to echange targets without hesitation.

[Melee]> Rending Desert (regular attack)

[Melee to Mid-range]> Steel Pierce[Shortsword dash attack] (sparringly)

[Melee to Mid-range]> Cutlass Propulsion[Dash Slash] (sparringly with Steel Pierce)

[Melee]> Sandstrom[Power Wave] (finisher)

Special Skill: Severe Wind

  • Zaid is well, special. He's the only character that can operate the Shortsword ultimate attack without starting or finishing a combo. He doesn't really do this too many times, since it'll make his head spins. And the fact about it is very hard to operate the ultimate attack without combos.

[Melee]> Severe Wind[Shortsword ultimate attack]

23 398 32 0 0 0 57 56 24
Default Cutlass


During festivals, he can be found with Ondorus chatting near the Sharance tree.





Zaid in the Japanese version

  • Zaid means "abundance", "growth" or "the person who excels and help others excel".
  • Zaid constantly brags about his silver-colored eyes, and is one of the only two characters in the series whose eyes are silver with the other being Doug.
  • Zaid is one of the three Rune Factory 3 characters who can be invited to complete their own Battle Requests. The other character is Shino and Sophia when the monsters eat her father's food.


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