Rune Factory Wiki

Looks like you're
a regular now.
I've got a lot today.
Take a look.{end}

Oh, hey there,
I was waiting for you.{end}

It's my dream to start
my own store one day.{end}

So, I'll need your help
to make that happen!
Take a look.{end}

This town has a
bathhouse, too?
Maybe I'll take a
dip before I go home.{end}

Oh, but business first!
I've got a lot today.{end}

Phantom dunes...
I never want to go
to one again...{end}

Oh, welcome!
Don't worry, I was
just talking to myself.
Now, take a look.{end}

Should I stop by
Lillyland or Alvarna?{end}

Oh, but first, business
in Sharance!
Now, go on, take a look.{end}

Now what kind of color
of kimono do I want...?
Maybe I'll ask Julia.{end}

Oh, hey, welcome!
I've got lots of
good wares today.{end}

Sakuya's so considerate.
She's done a lot for me.{end}

I guess it's my turn
to do a lot for you.

Shino brings me a lot
of my favorite simple
dishes. She really
knows what I like.{end}

Oh, and you should
really buy some of
my wares!{end}

likes ❶squid❶...{end}

I really don't like
slimy things...
That's why I don't
want ❶squid❶.{end}

I'll take some
❶daikon radishes❶
or ❶aquamarine❶.{end}

Now, down to business!{end}

My hometown has
a lot of cherry

It looks like this town
has them, too.{end}

Well, back to business!
Take a look around!{end}

I hate the summer.
My wares are heavy and
kimonos are hard to
walk in.{end}

So why don't you
help me out and
buy something! Heh heh.{end}

Being a merchant is fun.
You can meet a lot
of interesting people.{end}

Oh, keep that a secret!
It's a little

So, what do you
want today?{end}

I think that a great
opportunity lies in the
Forest of Beginning.{end}

When I asked a friend to
look into it, he
turned me down.
Well, it is dangerous.{end}

But my store's safe!
So buy something!{end}

That forest nearby is
a little scary...{end}

There's so many
creepy statues...
Blue ones and orange
ones, and frog ones...{end}

And sometimes you
hear someone
yelling "Rainbow!"{end}

I-I'm really scared of
ghosts and stuff...
I'm over it though.
Now, to business.{end}

I saw a little girl near
the diner here running

It's good to see kids
playing outside.
Maybe I'll give her
some candy next time.{end}

Now, you've come to buy
something, haven't you?{end}

I guess Herman has some
relatives here.{end}

I wonder if Max is going
to look like that
when he grows up...
Never mind...{end}

Now, feel free to
take a look around!{end}

There's a lot of
festivals in this town.
That sounds like fun.{end}

Well, I've got a lot of
good things today.
Look around as
much as you like!{end}

Take a look.{end}

No thank you...{end}


Oh, you're not interested? Well,
come back soon!{end}

Oh, a wooly.
And a golden one!
Hmm, I smell
an opportunity.{end}


I-I'm really happy, but
you should give this
to someone's who's
really important to you!{end}

For me?
Thank you.♪
I love these!{end}

For me?
I really love these!{end}

Thank you.♪
I really love how
shiny they are.{end}

You didn't have to get
me so much...{end}

I really don't like
slimy things...
So gross...{end}

Don't bring me these!{end}

Is this for me?

Everyone's been so nice,
I'm really happy, I feel
like part of the town.{end}

I heard there was a farm here, but I
haven't seen it...{end}

Did someone hide it under a giant tree,
or something?{end}

It's nice to come to a
distant town like this.
I'd like to come again.{end}

I love turnips.
I wonder why.{end}

I feel a special power
from you.
I'm usually right about
these types of things.{end}

What a relaxing room.
Is this called

I came to visit again.
Am I a nuisance?{end}

I always use that
large tree as a
guide to this town.
I never get lost.{end}

I can't decide
whether to have
fried veggies or
omelet rice tonight.{end}

Although, I won't be the
one cooking.{end}

The bath is so nice.
It warms you
down to your soul.{end}

Do you happen to
be a farmer?{end}

I ask because you smell
a lot like someone
I know.{end}

Lately, you can harvest
turnips in the
spring and winter.{end}

The magic of
selective breeding.{end}

Growing and selling
crops are the
basis of farm life.{end}

Good luck.{end}

You come to
talk to me a lot.
Do I really make
you that curious?{end}

I'm just kidding.{end}

Shino and Sakuya are
so interesting.{end}

I just love listening
to their stories.
I'll practice hard.{end}

Maybe one day I'll be
able to have
stories like that.{end}

What do you think?
Was it good?{end}

Lately, I've been
dreaming about a
large sea.{end}

That's strange since
there's only a
lake here.{end}

When it rains, I always
want to go visit a
friend's house.
Is that strange?{end}

They have festivals here, too?
I wonder if I could participate.{end}

This inn smells so

Is it the bamboo floors?{end}

aren't you a fluffy

Huh? But are woolies

Oh, my...
I'm flattered, but no.{end}

If you insist then...
Oh, what will I do?{end}

[000060E4] knew?
I like ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

This color is so pretty.
I like them.{end}

How wonderful.
Can I really
have this?{end}

Is it a gift?
Thank you very much.{end}

giving an aquamarine to yue

Yue :
For me?
I really love these!
Yue :
Thank you.♪
I really love how
shiny they are.

First meeting

Yue :
Oh, have we met before?
Yue :
The name's Yue. I'm a travelin
merchant! Nice to meet you!
Yue :
Why don't you take a look
at my wares?
Take a look!
Great! ... Welcome!... Take you time!... Please come again!