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"Looks like you're a regular now. I've got a lot today. Take a look."
―Yue, Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Yue makes a cameo appearance in Rune Factory 3 and sells random items.

She now sells dishes, tools, staves, recipe breads, and crops, some of which are very rare. It has been noted that the items Yue sells corresponds to the items Micah ships. Sometimes, she is seen at Miyako Inn, in the north-east room on the second floor. Though she cannot be befriended, she can receive gifts. Her favorite gifts are the same as in her first appearance.


Loved Gifts
For me? Thank you.♪ I love these!


Loved Gifts
For me? I really love these! Thank you.♪ I really love how shiny they are.


Proposal Joke

If you try to propose to Yue, she will give the following response:

Yue: ...!! I-I'm really happy, but you should give this to someone's who's important to you!


"There's a lot of festivals in this town. That sounds like fun. Well, I've got a lot of good things today. Look around as much as you like!"

"Looks like you're a regular now. I've got a lot today."

"Take a look."