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"I'm a traveling merchant! I've got plenty of rare items at reasonable prices, so come on by anytime you want!"
―Yue, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon
Yue (ユエ, Yue) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


Yue (ユエ, Yue) is a traveling merchant, she is sharp-witted, but still warm and friendly. The items that she sells in the first generation are birthday items and giving them to people in town will only take their particular item as a birthday present. To find out what the villagers gift is go to the friendship menu and count the number that person is on the list, then go to Yue and that numbered item will be their birthday gift.

She can be a bit difficult to locate, as she tends to move around every day; although she is usually found either at the entrance to the dungeons or at Alvarna - North Square. She is someone who is independent, but like Mana, she constantly tends to remind you that you should buy something from her store. Yue likes most coloured grasses and almost every item you find except for branches, rocks and some herbs. Her favorite gift is Daikon Radishes.

If you don't marry either Yue, Mana or Alicia (ex: Marrying Cecilia), Yue will become the replacement wife in the 2nd generation (ex: Jake can't marry Cecilia because you did; then Yue will become his wife in the 2nd generation instead). This will only happen if you marry any one of the bachelorettes with rivals. If she is married in the 2nd generation, she will only sell on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Second Generation

In the second generation, Yue will continue to sell her wares but will also sell kitchen appliances. If Kyle married a bachelorette who would have otherwise gotten married to a rival, then she will fill in for her and marry him. The child will also look the same as they would if the guy would have married their original mother.

On any Monday, the Small Kitchen, Large Kitchen, Pharmacy and Workshop/Forge can be bought. However, you need to have bought the Workshop Area from Byron first before you can purchase any of these. If you buy the Large Kitchen first before you buy the Small Kitchen, and you select to buy the Small Kitchen, Yue replys by saying "If you have a Large Kitchen, you don't need a small one." Thus, it might be a better idea to save up for the Large Kitchen, to avoid spending more G to upgrade the Small Kitchen to a Large Kitchen in the future.

On any Wednesday, Yue sells the Refrigerator, Shelves, Record Player, and a set of 5 appliances that Eggs into Mayonaise, Fleece into Yarn, Milk into Cheese and Yogurt and any kind of crop into it's respective seed. The Shelves and Refridgerator, once bought, can be found in the Workshop, against the back wall.

On any Friday, Yue will have Small and Large Kitchenware in stock. These are priced around 1000G - 5000G. These are needed to cook dishes in the Workshop.



"Oh, it looks delicious! Is that really for me? This would taste even better if it was my birthday!" (When given on a day that isn't her birthday)

Cabbage Cakes

Favorite Gifts:

You can't have my Aquamarine! Is that for me? Thanks!♪ Sparkle sparkle! What can I say, I just can't resist them!♪


Loved Gifts:

"Is that for me? Thanks!♪ I really love these!♪"

Daikon Radish, Fried Udon


"Is that really for me? Thanks! I can certainly put that to good use."

Trash, Fruit, Fried Rice, Snapper Sashimi, Hot Milk, Skipjack Sashimi, Curry Rice, Ruby Ring, French Fries, Seafood Doria, Aquamarine Brooch, Hot Chocolate, Platinum, Boot, Lamp Squid


"Oh... you don't have to give me that much! I don't like slimy things... Don't like slimy things at all! Ugh, they make me feel sick! I certainly don't need all this!"


Yue's Shop


Stats Price Description Birthday Gift
Fried Rice Fried Rice Lv. 1 1800G Rice and egg fried together in oil. The light, fluffy eggs are what make this dish great.  Douglas
Roasted Yam Lv. 1 910G A slow-roasted yam. Prevalent in the fall, often baked in the flames of a campfire. Mana
Seafood Pizza Seafood Pizza Lv. 1 2070G A pizza topped with shrimp and squid. Looks fantastic and smells great, too. Julia
Fried Udon Fried Udon Lv. 1 2040G The first person to fry udon is said to have done so on a whim. Now it is widely loved. Natalie
Emerald Ring Emerald Ring

Lv. 1

2440G A ring with briliantly glittering emerald that will make your fingers sparkle.  Alicia
Grape Juice Grape Juice



1150G Fresh grape juice. Very sweet, with a strong, enticing aroma. Ray
Amethyst Ring Amethyst Ring 2510G An astringent, cool amethyst which creates a calm, mature atmosphere. Gordon
Strawberry Jam Strawberry Jam 530G A sweet preserve made from strawberries. Generally eaten spread on bread or toast. Dorothy
Hot Chocolate  Hot Chocolate 940G Chocolate added to warm milk. Don't drink it too often, or you'll get cavities. Cammy
Stew Stew 1640G Milk and vegetables boiled together. A creamy white stew is one of the most popular varieties. Egan
Aquamarine Brooch Aquamarine Broach 2040G A brooch set with an aquamarine. As boldy blue as the depths of the ocean. Cecilia
Platinum  Platinum 620G A metal ore used to make weapons and accessories. Very rare, and hard to obtain. Jake
Ruby Ring  Ruby Ring 3160G Has a mysterious, appealing design. Look deep inside the ruby, and you'll get lost in its passion. Tanya
French Fries French Fries 830G Peeled and sliced potatoes fried in oil. So crispy, salty, and addicting. Roy
Seafood Doria  Seafood Doria 2000G Doria that contains the best of the sea. Packed with seafood and rice, so it's sure to fill you up. Byron
Skipjack Sashimi Skipjack Sashimi 770G Slices of raw skipjack tuna served up for consumption. Barrett
Curry Rice Curry Rice 1800G A mealtime staple, so much so that there isn't a soul, adult or child, who has not tasted it. Herman
Hot Milk  Hot Milk 700G The simplest of dishes. Just warm milk. Very relaxing, it's relaxing, it's perfect on a sleepless night. Rosalind
Snapper Sashimi  Snapper Sashimi 1470G Slices of raw snapper served up for consumption. Often thought to be a dish that brings good luck. Max
Cabbage Cakes Cabbage Cakes 1730G Cabbages added to a water and flour paste, then baked. The exact recipe changes depending on region.     Yue