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Ymir (ユミル, Yumiru) is a character in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.



Ymir is a strange Golem that can raise sunken islands for the main character. He can also fight other monsters in the sea. At the start of the game you will find a seed lying on the ground and will plant it. The next day you will find him fully grown beside your house. There is a door on his chest were you can store monsters, like a barn. You can also travel to dark parts in the ocean where there are different types of Fish.

Ymir is the default name of the unique plant golem that Sonja plants as a seed during the beginning of the game. After the opening cinematics, it is implied that it absorbs the cliff around him and is absorbed into his body's creation and the following morning yields a very sizable golem that registers Sonja as it's master.

Ymir serves as the between-island ferry for Aden and Sonja as well as providing warps between the farming locations(once individually discovered) and main island of the game. Inside of Ymir is a ten-monster capacity holding farm where monsters you tame in the wild are held for harvesting or allocation onto the farming islands. This farm is also where you obtain your first Harvester and Brush. You may also fish off the sides of him once you obtain a Fishing Rod.

Melee combo: Pressing the A button(Wii) or the Square Button(PS3) up to three times allows Ymir to do a three-punch combo ending in an uppercut on the third hit. Each hit knocks back slightly while the uppercut knocks the enemy up and away. If the enemy is guarding they will simply be pushed, however the unusual delay before the uppercut occasionally catches the AI off-guard and they will stop blocking. This is perhaps a bug.

Dig/Throw: Used primarily to raise islands, hitting the B button(Wii) or R1 Button (PS3) will lift a boulder out of the ocean that you can use as a projectile. This is usually blocked during combat because it causes a lengthy stun. Outside of combat this is used in conjunction with the "Pound" attack when submerged islands are detected. If the island is meant to be lifted but not placed (true of many of the "treasure" islands) then you may either press A to board the island or B to throw it back under water. Doing this will not damage the islands.

Pound: Hitting A+B(Wii) simultaneously  or Triangle Button(PS3) will slam the ocean water sending out waves in every direction. If an island is detected, the water around where you are meant to dig will send out white ripples. Digging in close vicinity of these ripples will typically raise an island or start an encounter with a giant enemy.

Grapple: Though exclusively used in combat this maneuver allows you to lift and throw an enemy should you connect with them. This is a very risky, but incredibly powerful attack that leaves you rather open should it miss, but does more damage than a full melee combo. This can be used by holding the A button which will put Ymir's arms into the air as he prepares to lunch forward and attempt to grab the target.

Guard: By holding down the C button on the nunchuk(Wii) or hitting X Button(PS3), Ymir will hold his arms in front of his face and block all incoming damage. Hits will chip away at stamina slowly, so try to mix offense and defense and end fights quickly.

Finishing Move: When a monster drops below 30% health and has the stunned condition (which seems to be mutual with low health) there will be an on-screen prompt to hit the B button. Hitting this will send Ymir into an flourish combo specific to the monster you're fighting that will remove the remainder of the monster's health and automatically K.O it.

Sea Chart: By hitting the 1 button on the Wiimote, or L2 on the ps3 controller a sea chart will be brought up. This shows both quest locations, islands you've formerly dug out, and major landmarks. You may position your cursor on this map and hit "A" to target the corresponding location on the navigational overhead view. Time is frozen while this map is up.

Overhead View: By hitting "down" on the Wiimote's directional pad you'll bring up an overhead view that allows you to queue movements by hitting A (or cancelling them with B). While moving around, Sonja will guide you to sights by yelling out key phrases. "Was that...?" corresponds to a buried island which is accompanied by an exclamation point over its location. "Did you see a flash of light just now?" typically corresponds with a fishing school location. Hitting the same button will allow you to return to the third person view behind Ymir.

Menu/Camera: These function as they do while controlling the main character.

Similar to the main character Ymir has his own set of stamina, however unlike our hero, the golem uses energy to move. Other actions such as lifting objects, throwing, pounding, attacking and charging will also consume this. Ymir also has his own set of skills listed at the bottom of the skill list in the main character's status window. Raising these will raise his HP and RP in the same manner that it would normally.

Ymir gains RP from leveling and skill ups, however the only method of restoring his RP normally is resting overnight. If Ymir runs out of HP, the day is skipped and you are returned to your bed with a chance of contracting a cold. Even if Ymir faints he will stay in his present location despite being in the potential vicinity of giant monsters.

Cores / Upgrades:

You obtain three cores to upgrade Ymir after beating the shrines (one core per shrine). Once you're back at Fenith Island, you have to go to Elena , the Blacksmith, and give her the core you obtained. She will upgrade Ymir for you, but he has to be at Fenith Island . Depending on the core, it will take her some days to finish. 

Green Core Red Core Blue Core / No Core /
Earth Shrine Flame Shrine Water Shrine Wind Shrine
Upgrade Time: 1 Night Upgrade Time: 6 Days Upgrade Time: 1 Night /
Walk through ocean streams where water is shallow Cross all ocean streams as long as Ymir is walking Ymir is able to use the waterspouts to travel /


Head Types

437px-Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 5.17.42 PM.png

Head Type Items Needed
Normal Head Default Head; No Requirements needed
Flower Head 1x Moondrop, 1x Toyherb
Red Leaf Head 1x Red Grass, 1x Lamp Flower
Wood Head 2x Maple, 2x Spring Flowers
Wild Head 2x Fireflower, 1x Pom-Pom Flower, 1x Pinkcat Flower
Shinobi Head 2x Weeds, 2x Green Grass, 1x 4-Leaf Clover