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"A spunky young girl who works at an inn renowned for its Eastern-style public baths. Though an independent-minded and hard-working young lady, she's also a bit of a klutz, often making an inordinate number of mistakes on the job."
―Official Website Description[1]

Xiao Pai (シャオパイ, Syaopai) is one of the bachelorettes in Rune Factory 4. She works at the town inn and bathhouse, but finds it to be a challenging job. She can be quite clumsy, which often leads to misfortune for her. Since her equally clumsy but lucky mother is very popular with the tourists, Xiao Pai has a slight inferiority complex. Despite this, she continues being a natural hard worker at the Bell Hotel.

Xiao Pai is very close to Lin Fa, as she is often seen conversing with her and likes to brag about her "cute mama" to the rest of the town. However, because her father, Yang Fan, travels and works abroad so much, Xiao Pai isn't as close to him. Nonetheless, she still gets along with her father and never misses the chance to spend time with him whenever he visits Selphia.


Favorite Gifts:

"How pretty! I wish I could be just as pretty one day. What, this is for me? Thanks! I love these. ♪"

"I-it is for me? Not for Mama? Really? Hee hee...Thanks!"

Crystal Flowers, Emery Flower


"Thanks! It seems this is a present I like. ♪"

"Ooh, what a pretty flower. What, I may have it? Thanks! I like flowers, yes? ♪"

"Ah, [Item] ! For me? Thanks. Eating tasty Chinese dishes while looking at pretty flowers is a wonderful thing, yes?"

Flowers, Chinese Dishes (e.g. Chinese Manju, Gyoza)


"A present? Thanks. Hmm? What do I like? Flowers are nice, I think"


"Is this for me? Um, i-it seems the smell of raw [item] is not that pleasant to me... If you want to give me something, I'd like Blue Crystal and maybe Green Crystal... Or even pretty flowers. I would be happy to get those, yes?"

Tomato, Tomato Juice, Sandwich, Salad

"Hmm? Is this for me? Oh. It seems it is trash."

Trash, Scrap Metal, Failed Dish

Marriage Sub-Event: Never Gonna Give Up!

Xiao Pai's Marriage event starts when she shows open concern regarding one of Kiel's rumors to Lest. Kiel later tells Lest that there's a rumor about him favoring Lin Fa over Xiao Pai. The next day, Lin Fa begins teasing Lest at the inn regarding his relationship for Xiao Pai, who immediately gets angry at Lest when she mistakes Lest for making a move on Lin Fa. Later, Lest hears a group of travelers talking badly about him through the same rumour.

On the next day, Lin Fa once again teases Lest regarding his feelings for Xiao Pai, with the result from the previous day, occuring again. This time, however, Xiao Pai immediately leaves with Lest, while Xiao Pai's father arrives, shortly after the two leave. Soon Xiao Pai and Lest go the bridge in Selphia Plains: Mush Pan, where Xiao Pai talks with Lest regarding her father's words that everything is connected. The two soon return to the inn.

The following day, Xiao Pai realizes that she had lost the cabbages she was sent to buy from Lin Fa, forcing Xiao Pai and Lest to visit Blossom. Surprisingly, Lin Fa arrives and tells Xiao Pai that she was given the wrong list, and that Lin Fa had arrived to do groceries herself. Soon, more travelers begin badmouthing Lest. The rumor is finally dispelled thanks to Porcoline.

The next day, Xiao Pai is seen talking with her father, clearly not agreeing with him. When Lest inquires from her father, he says that he's actually the one who spread the rumours regarding Lest. Xiao Pai's father then continues by comparing her luck with her mother's and their seemingly strained relationship. When Lest consults Xiao Pai, she says that she wasn't truly bothered by the rumors, prompting Lest to talk with her father once again. This time, Xiao Pai arrives to listen to her father's explanation on why he doesn't approve of Xiao Pai's relationship. This prompts Xiao Pai to confess her love for Lest once again, and she runs away. Shortly after her leave, Xiao Pai's father asks Lest to take care of Xiao Pai.

When Lest meets Xiao Pai once again, she immediately details her thoughts regarding the rumors. Not caring whether or not Lest has fallen for her mother, Xiao Pai proposes to Lest, however, they decide to return back to town first.

Later, it is revealed that the entire set of events was actually concocted by Xiao Pai's parents in order to further her relationship. Later Xiao Pai and Lest leave the inn, and, once again, Xiao Pai proposes to Lest.

Battle Information

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XiaoPai Level Health Attack
1 62 46
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
2 8 2
Strength Vitality Intelligence
8 5 8
Default Weapon Battle Axe
Weapon Type Axe/Hammer


  • "Good luck today!"
  • "Why do plates break so easy?"
  • "Now, time to go home and help!"
  • "Hmm? Is something wrong?"
  • "The sky is soaked in clouds..."
  • "Mmm... nice weather!"
  • "I want to eat Arthur."
  • "You're late, and I was missing you!"

Battle Quotes

  • "You see?"
  • "Here!"

Battle Invitation

Acceptance: "Sure! This will be fun, yes? ♪"

Declined Invitation: "Sorry, it seems I am busy right now. You will invite me again later, yes?"

Too many people: "Oh, but someone is with you. Perhaps later, yes?"


  • Xiao Pai picked up her odd way of talking from her father.
  • She is the only bachelorette to have a reverse proposal in Rune Factory 4.
  • Xiao Pai claims she is older than Lest/Frey.
  • Xiao Pai's name sounds similar to the japanese word Shippai, which incidentally translates to 'Failure'
  • According to Lin Fa, Xiao Pai was actually one of her lucky accidents.
  • Has a possibility of saying "It's Rune Factory 4, yes?" on the title screen.
  • If she accepts a player's invitation to adventure, she will say "Understood. Let us be going, then.".