A Wrecked Ship being raised by Ymir

Description: Something lies beneath the waves...

Wrecked Ships are some of the Temporary "islands" found throughout the Fenith Sea.


Ship as viewed from the Landing party, note the Elefuns about to attack the player


As the name states, Wrecked ships are vessels that met their untimely demise in the Fenith Sea and it's the reason why Ymir can lift them from the seabed. Akin to Nameless Islands, Shrines and Stone Heads, these ships provide a temporary island for Aden to explore. All of these marooned ships contain monsters and treasure. The first Wrecked Ship found is thrown by Ymir onto an island to create Shipwreck Island.

On the Islands


  • Elefun
  • Red Troll
  • Faerie
  • Tricky Mushroom
  • Scorpion
  • Troll
  • Blue Elefun
  • Chipsqueak


  • Monster Drops such as Fairy Dust, Hard Horn, Toxin, and Monster Hides
  • Small Treasure Chest (via Treasure chest by steering wheel)


Wrecked Ships are necessary to complete a request from Joe.

Other than that they are really good for raising levels.


  • The design of the ship is similar to a Galleon, a real world ship that was used by Europeans (namely Spanish and Portuguese) to transport treasure such as silver and gold.


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