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  • The continent of Adonea (アドネア) has two large nations: The Sechs Empire and the Kingdom of Norad.
  • There are also the Repulic of Eucraft (ユークラフト) and the Kingdom of Roland (ローランド). The games haven't mentioned them, except maybe as some character's birthplace.
  • Sechs, ruled by Emperor Ethelbert, is pretty large and is stated to rule most of the world via conquest.
  • Besides these 4 major nations, there are still some other countries.
  • All games so far take place in Norad.
    • The capital of Norad is Palermo. Though references to the capital are made throughout the games, it is not a playable location.
  • The world outside of Rune Factory's Kardia is largely at peace. The conflict arises there only because it's at the border between two nations.
  • The eastern nation is a small island country at the very east.
    • Its style should be a mixture of Sengoku Period and Edo Period.
    • Its people are samurai, ninja, merchants and miko (priestess / shrine maiden)
  • The elven nation is an island country larger than the eastern nation. The island is covered by forest.
    • Recently many elves are coming out of the island.

Playable Locations

  • Kardia is basically like a small town on the Silk Road, where many different kinds of people and information can be found.
  • Alvarna is a maritime city relatively far from Kardia. As a city, it's smaller than the capital of Norad.
  • Trampoli is a much smaller place and can barely be called a village. Lots of people come here from Kardia. It's not immediately close to Kardia, but lies at a reasonable travel distance.
  • Sharance is a mountain town.
  • Fenith Island is one of many islands on the wide ocean.
  • Selphia is situated near the border between Norad and the Sechs Empire, and is the town where the guardian of Norad lives.



  • Sechs technology and machinery are different from modern concept of machinery.
  • To illustrate this, Hashimoto chose two examples: the concept of aether, an idea modern science has rendered obsolete, and Japanese scientists of Edo Period.
    • In other words, Sechs science is similar to real world's old sciences like phlogiston, and unlike in real world, their science works.
  • Unlike Sechs's machine civilization, Norad has developed a magic civilization.
  • The Rune Factory world is quite paradoxical with its technology, for while they have refrigerators and electricity, they seem to still fight with swords and an array of melee weapons.
    • To illustrate: Modern day technologies such as fridges, tanks, electricity, powered boats, and powered elevators are present throughout the games, however, the main infantry unit of the time is the medieval knight.


Rune Factory Havest Moon Garden.jpg

  • There are three known religions in the series, one is one similar to the Judeo-Christian religions, the other is one similiar to Shinto, and the last is Dragon Worship- i.e, the worship of the Divine Dragons (Terrable, Fiersome, Aquaticus, and Ventuswill)
  • The Juedo-Christian like religion is mostly based off real world Catholicism, since it has churches and a hierarchical structure of priests (Wesley, Gordon, Gerard) and sisters (Stella, Lara).
  • The Shinto-like religion is mostly followed by Easterners like Shino, and is exclusive in appearance to Sharance.
  • The Dragon Worship has no known official followers, but cases where the dragons are respected are found (Ventuswill and Volkanon/Forte)
    • It is unknown if the Arch-Dragon worship of Fenith Sea ties into this, but if so, it adds followers by the count of Lily, Odette, and Violet.



  • Humanity originated in Norad.
  • Most elves live in their own country.
    • The elves are led by a queen and several elders.
  • Races such as univir and mermaids still mostly only live in certain specific regions.


Rune Factory Tides of Destiny City Center.jpg

  • "Earthmates" are people capable of communicating with the land and the spirits.
    • In ancient times, an earthmate has all the earthmate powers. In modern times, an earthmate is defined as a person who's inherited part of these powers.
  • "Tamitaya" is essentially a magic that returns a person to where he belongs. Using tamitaya on a monster in the human world would send it back to Forest of Beginnings; using tamitaya on a human in Forest of Beginnings would send him back to the human world.
    • Also known as "Retornen" in the American version of the games.
  • The Gates are just portals linking the human world to the Forest of Beginnings. As we know, the empire has developed machines to artificially "shift" monsters to the human world.
  • "Rune" is the life force of everything. It's love, the source of life, whatever the player calls it.
    • RP (Rune Points) is a real thing.
    • When vegetables are raised with care, they emit crystalized Runes.
  • Runeys are something very close to the spirits, capable of gathering the spirits and influencing them. When runeys create a great effect on the environment such as affecting crop growth or rainfall, whether postively or negatively, it's called a "rune wonder".
    • While runeys have only appeared in two games, they are in fact everywhere. Different places call them different names.
    • Ordinary people can see runeys.



  • The de Sainte-Coquille family isn't nobility.
    • They are also not merchants. There is no explanation where their wealth came from.
    • The head of the families are all big eaters; they don't live in cities because the food is tastier in rural regions.
    • They periodically meet each other, but these meetings are more about food than anything.
    • A character mentions: "Will Max' body grow like his father? No idea, certainly sounds dangerous."
  • Lynette comes from an elite family that has for generations contributed soldiers to the empire.
    • Lynette tells people she wears a eyepatch because her left eye has been wounded in battle. You may already know this isn't true.
  • Kuruna and Ondorus are childhood friends. Kuruna is older.
    • The age difference between them is about 1. However, one unit of univir age is equal to about 19 or 20 human years.
  • The Kanno-Cinnamon-Candy family is named after sweets in the original Japanese version, as Kanno was called Kanro, which can mean "nectar", and Cinnamon was called Drop, referring to liquorice.

Rune Factory

Noradian Marine Logo.jpg


  • Mei is a human. She's also more than 100 years old.
  • Mei is in Kardia investigating something about the empire. (Or in words of the character list, "fighting against the empire alone".)
  • It seems she once had to follow someone's order, but is now acting on her will.

In Freya's words: Mei's past is shrouded in mystery. Evidently, she once had great power which she misused. She often will remind you that power carries responsibility with it.


  • Sharron is a miko investigating the ruins.
  • She is capable of hearing prophecies about the future of the world.
  • She's probably not human.
  • Miko is generally translated as "shrine maiden" or priestess, but in Sharron's case, "oracle" would be a fitting description of her job. In real world history, miko did function as oracles. The Zelda series had translated "miko" as oracles.


  • Ivan and Raguna are related to Gilbert, the king of Norad.
  • Ivan is the king's second cousin.
  • Raguna was separated from Ivan in a shipwreck at a young age. After hearing rumors of Raguna appearing in Kardia, Ivan disguised himself as a travelling merchant and went to Kardia in search of him.

Rune Factory 2


  • Mana wouldn't get married because she dreams of becoming a teacher, and puts higher priority on this dream.


  • Kyle isn't of royal birth.
  • Kyle's powers as an earthmate are weak. His children are the ones with strong powers.


  • The earth script written on the tablets is the writing system of ancient earthmates.
  • The ancient magic is stronger than modern magic, but has disappeared along with earthmates.
  • Kyle's children have inherited the earthmate blood, that's why they can use it.
  • Barrett and Kyle's children are currently still working on deciphering this writing system.

Rune Factory Frontier


  • In the original Japanese version, Nolan was called Roland. See the names of nations above.


  • Iris is not human, but a race "closer to spirits". She's not a vampire.
  • The Whale Island used to be a place where they live. The ruins are built centuries ago.
  • Iris's race has a very low birth rate, and isn't very interested in reproduction. As a result, they have to crossbreed with humans to keep themselves from extinction. There may be no pure blood left now.

Rune Factory 3


  • Her parent race is something similar to phoenix. Among monsters, its rank is very high, close to the dragon gods.


  • Despite how they interactions might suggest, Hazel and Shinonome didn't know each other when they were young. However, once they met, they realized as single mothers, they have much in common.
  • "Shinonome's secret" is a joke. While she used to be a fighter, today she's just a mother, not some secret agent of the eastern nation. And her inn is definitely not a front for Mei and Yue's intel gathering. Mei and Yue are just two travellers who happen to stay at her inn.
  • The kanji for Uzuki's name is 卯月. (The word "Uzuki" means "April", but there are more than one way to write it in kanji.)
  • The kanji for Sakuya's name is 咲耶. Shinonome is confirmed to be 東雲.
  • Still no kanji for Yue's name.

Previously we knew only this: NNescio wrote: "To clarify something about Shinonome's name, it's written in hiragana, but is probably meant to be 東雲, or Daybreak (lit: East Clouds), in kanji. Hiragana does lend sort of a Kansai feel. Then again, almost all of the (vaguely-) Japanese characters in the RF games have their names written in kana. Yue, Kansai accent aside, could be (vaguely-)Chinese as her name is written in katakana instead of hiragana. Mei has an inauspicious canon kanji name 冥 (dark/gloomy/death)"