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The workshop is one of the crafting areas, and it is used in making shields, headwear, footwear, and accessories. To be able to create accessories, the second floor of the Sharance Tree must be unlocked by clearing the Privera Forest dungeon and traveling to the Univir Settlement. Once the second floor grows in, Gaius or Raven will offer to build a workshop for 3000G and 50 wood.

To obtain recipes in-game, one must eat Recipe Bread. These can be bought from Blaise for 300G each. They can also be bought as one of the random items from Yue at the upper floor of the inn when she's there. Sometimes, a male traveller in a trench coat sells them as well, and he has a limitless supply of recipe bread to sell, as long as his costs are paid for each loaf. However, his prices are higher than Blaise's, and he appears very late in the game.

  • As with all recipes, prior knowledge of the recipe is not necessary in order to actually craft. However, until the recipe is acquired (either by eating Recipe Bread or by successfully crafting the item), the % chance of successfully crafting is unknown, although it can be calculated.
  • Micah can make recipes up to 9 levels above his skill level, but they will have a 10% chance of succeeding. For example, in order to craft a Lvl 40 item, Lvl 31 is the minimum crafting skill level required. Experimentation may lead to consecutive failures if Micah's crafting level is too low.
  • Unlike cooking, raw materials won't be lost upon failure. As an advantage, workshop skills can be levelled up by repeatedly attempting to craft something of a higher level, and EXP can still be gained despite failing, as long as RP doesn't run out.
  • Workshop equipment is primarily defensive and will not obtain attack properties like HP-draining or elemental affinities.






These items cannot be upgraded.


  • The Curse Charm improves a random stat of its wearer from time to time. It may also increase their morale, focus and awareness while in battle for companion characters.
  • Companion characters can equip and be affected by any Workshop item that increases stats, elemental resistances/damage reduction, or status resistance.
  • The exception to the above is shields; shields are useless to companion characters. This is true even though some characters carry shields in town (like Sofia with her Umbrella or Evelyn with her Monkey Toy).
  • Companion characters don't gain movement effects from equipped footgear. For example, a companion character will not gain the ability to walk on water if given Water Shoes.
  • The above rule also applies when giving other companion characters accessories with non-obvious effects, like the Happy Ring (which increases the chance of monster drops) or Handknit Scarf and Fluffy Scarf (which affect RP consumption) or the Pendants (which heighten the elemental abilities of attacks, etc. or Skill EXP, excluding the Star Pendant which increases the Level EXP and Silver Pendant that improves magical attacks).
  • The Engagement Ring cannot be upgraded.