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Withered Grass (枯草, Kare Kusa) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Withered Grass
File:RF3Withered Grass.png Dried-up produce and grass. Also poisonous. Till into the ground to improve soil quality.
Category Plant Sell 1G Buy 8G
Effect HP Rec RP Rec HP Max RP Max STR VIT INT
-50% -


Liked Sofia Icon.png Sofia

Rune Factory 4

Withered Grass
RF4Withered Grass.png You'd get sick if you ate this grass, but it can be used to improve the quality of soil.
Category Plant Sell 1G Buy 100G
[Effects] Status Ailments: PSN RP -20% [Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 1 VIT -1


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Chemistry Set Greenifier 34 Withered Grass Indigo Grass Moondrop
Chemistry Set Greenifier+ 64 Withered Grass Orange Grass Corn
Chemistry Set Formula A 29 Withered Grass Blue Grass Black Grass
Chemistry Set No Rot α 26 Withered Grass Toyherb
Chemistry Set No Rot ß 50 Withered Grass Red Grass 4-Leaf Clover


Disliked Nancy Icon.png Nancy Barrett (RF4) Icon.png Barrett