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Winter Island is one of the four season islands where the protagonist is able to grow items, and the second that is able to be unlocked. Unlike the Spring, Summer and Fall Islands, crops are not able to grow here. Instead, only metal ores can be grown.

This island is located at C-3 on the ocean map, at the northern extremity of the Fenith Sea.

No monsters can be found here. They have to be assigned by the Player in the Monster Barn via the book in the back.


Winter island is a stony outcropping of land with bone-chilling temperatures which exterminate all plant life. Only the hard minerals of the earth can grow here.

Ores have to be planted just like trees. They should not be harvested before they start glowing. Use a hammer to "harvest" the ores.

The island is circular in shape and holds one frosty cave in the center, the only Season Island not to have a tree as the entrance to the barn. It also holds one near frozen pool by the cave which you can fish Winter Fishes from.

Other than that, it's pretty barren, really. The request to find it is given by Electra.

Spirits on Winter Island
Image Type Value
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Yellow 1%
Image Type Value
Rune factory oceans conceptart 9SUq2.jpg
Green 1%
Image Type Value
Rune factory oceans conceptart lpRkW.jpg
Red 1%
Image Type Value
Rune factory oceans conceptart FHbRL.jpg
Blue 2%
Using blue spirits give mostly 2%, while the green, yellow and red ones only add 1% to revive the island to 100%.

You can reach max. 120%. Once you get on 100% it will stay 100% forever. You can get over 100% each month, but it will reset to 100% on the 1rst of the next one.


It is important because the player can grow ores that he/she can use to forge, craft, sell, or given to Elena, who is the only one who likes metals.

Winter Island (, Romaji) is a location in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.


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