This is a Style Manual for editors of the Rune Factory Wiki.

When using a Wiki and having many different contributors at once, inevitably, articles can be written in many different ways. To help prevent arguments about how the Wiki should be run, these guidelines have been devised to help keep things organized and inform Wiki contributors on how to layout certain things.

Feedback is encouraged on the comment section. this pages will also be locked so only admins can edit. Please discuss the changes you would like to see with the admin. 


When adding comments, please use proper grammar and try to use proper punctuation. If an admin sees a comment that doesn't have it then they will probably edit it to make it easier to understand.

Plz u just sed was that y she didnt go and see Tim loke OMG

No advertising other sites. The comment will automatically be deleted and a warning message will be posted on your wall.

Please support I've already completed the game and began supporting this wiki.

No using all caps. If you want a part of your comment to stand out use bold.


No swearing or name calling. It still counts if you leave out a letter or use a different symbol.

Tim you're such a fucin a$$ wh0le. Sh*t you make me furious!!!

When replying to a comment, please press reply. Don't answer above.

If you reference a character from another series, please link to their wiki page so everyone can tell what you're talking about.

Wow! Frey looks so much like Miku from Vocaloid!~


Pictures are an important feature in any article. When adding pictures be sure that:

  • The picture is actually either from the game or an official picture. Fan art may infringe on copyright, and is somebody's original work.
    • Personal pictures of yourself or of something unrelated to Rune Factory should not be uploaded to pages on the wiki. These pictures should be used in blogs or on your own personal profile page.
  • When adding pages to this wiki, please do not upload them with no intent of using them. This creates duplicated photos, and spams the picture section with unneccesary photos. Unused photos will be deleted.
  • Make sure that the name is appropriate to the picture. For example, if you upload a picture of Mana the picture's name shouldn't be svjgfvasdkhfhgaksdbgakjsdkj.png, it should be Mana.png, or something similar (Like Mana2.png.) This makes the photo easier to search and makes it relevant. This ensures that duplicates are harder to upload.
  • All pictures added should be put into categories. Each game has a category. For example: RF1, RF2, RF3, RF4, RFToD, RFF are categories for spicific game images. 
  • If the picture doesn't have a caption it shouldn't be a thumb image.
  • Placeholders should always be deleted.
  • Please make any screenshots that are uploaded good quality images that are visible.
  • All pictures should be png. Converting images is easy and would save time for other people trying to edit a picture.

Article Layout

Main Page: Wiki Guidelines/Layout Guide.


Categories can always be added on the bottom of the page by clicking on the 'add category' button. The Wiki is divided into categories in which the character, item, game, etc is relevant to. Even if a page is a repeat, it will be categorized in which game it pertains to.

Disambiguation pages do NOT have any other categories with the exception of 'disambiguation'. If an admin sees that any other category has been added, it will be immediately removed. Disambiguation pages are used to group similar characters or items together. Categories should be added to the unique character/item page, not the disambiguation page.

Character pages should have the game that they are a character of the game they are in and if they are bachelorette or bachelor.

Example: Vishnal: Bachelors (RF4) Character (RF4)

Pages branching off from a games pages should have the title of their game as their category.
Example: For Cooking List (RF3) the Category should be Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Please do not add new categories before asking an admin.

  • Do not add categories that are unneccessary. This counts as spam and you will be warned.

New Types of Pages

Do NOT add different types of pages without a discussion before hand.


Don't use external linking for pages on the wiki.

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