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Whispering Woods (ささやきの森, Sasayaki no Mori) is a location in Rune Factory 5.

The combat tutorials in the beginning of the game occur in the A2 Zone.


The Whispering Woods is the first dungeon the player can enter. It is initially blocked off but can be entered after the player begins looking for Misasagi.


Item Gold

Inner Locations

Whispering Woods has several regions:

  • Whispering Woods: Entrance - This is the overworld location. It is accessible by going out of Rigbarth's east exit then take a right and follow the path leading to the South.
  • Whispering Woods: The map of whispering woods is below (see figure).
  • Whispering Woods: Depths - The Depths where you fight the first boss of the game is reachable via the eastern path in the C2 zone.
  • Forest of No Return 1F - The Forest of No Return 1F, is a mid-game region, and also the earliest place to acquire oranges (apart from the special tree seed spawns and waiting for it to grow) for requests. You can reach this area of the game after story events unlock the eastern path in the A3 zone.
  • Forest of no Return 2F -
  • Forest of no Return: Heart - There is another boss to fight in this area.

Whispering Forest Labeled.png

Area Monsters Items Chest Notes
A1 - - Small Shield,

X2 Recovery Potion

Head up to return to Phoros Woodland.
A2 Orc, Orc Archer Medicinal Herb, Weeds - -
A3 Insect Mushrooms, Blue Grass X4 Toyherb Seeds, X2 Recovery Potions Defeat all monsters and a chest will appear. A tree blocks the way forward.

- Save Point -

B1 Orc, Orc Archer X2 Boxes, Green Grass Rod -
C1 Insect X1 Box - -
C2 Goblin - Dash Slash -
D1 Ribbitee - Shirt Fishing spot.





Rank 1

Rank 2

Rank 3