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Wells (ウェルズ, Wells) is the mayor of Sharance, and the owner of Fantastic Flowers, the flower shop in town. He is the grandfather of Shara and Monica. He gave Micah permission to live in the Sharance Tree via Shara.

Ever since he was young, he has been trying to make the Sharance Tree flowers bloom, which led to his lifestyle of botany, studying flowers of all shapes and sizes. He has tried all manner of fertilizer and technique he knows of to make them bloom, but to no avail.

He harbors an extreme dislike of monsters, warning Micah away from the Univir settlement in the Sol Terrano Desert. If Micah approaches him in his Wooly form, he (Wells) shoos Micah away from the village, saying that monsters and humans have no place together.

In spite of his hate of monsters, he's a caring person, allowing Micah the use of the Sharance Tree as a home while he recovers his memories. He spoils his younger granddaughter Monica, much to Shara's dismay.

Wells does not like being reminded of his age, and takes offense when Shara suggests he take up knitting to keep his mind sharp. In spite of that, he knits a hat for Monica, rather inexpertly.

He and Marjorie give Micah the Engagement Ring recipe when one of the bachelorette's affection reaches a certain threshold.


Unity Festival

Before Annual

Wells: Tomorrow's the big day...

Micah: Yes...

Wells: I can see how nervous you are. Don't worry, I'll help you if something goes wrong. So don't be so nervous.

Micah: Okay...

Proposal Joke

Wells: What are you doing?


  • Before you know his name it will be shown as ???
  • Wells shares the same birthday as Sharron from Rune Factory.