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The tools found in the game are primarily used for farming, though some can be used to attack with as well. They are not, however, as effective as actual weapons, so don't feel you can used them instead.
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Special tips :

  1. Charge All tools can be charged up to increase their affect.
  2. Level The tools start out somewhat upgraded, in the first part of the game, See Plot
  3. Purchase A bit of a raw deal though, is that you must purchase your first tools of the game. Luckily, you get both for one price; which is apparently some sort of special discount Mana decides to give you.
  4. Upgrade They can only be upgraded during the second part of the games
  5. Getting old As they are stored for 8 years waiting Kyle's chid to grown up, tools will downgrade at the beginning of the second part. During the second part, to get the same best results, you will have to upgrade them.

Each weapons have specific animation. Combined with abilities books (skill seals), make Kyle, Aaron and Aria battle style being unique.
see also : Magic Rune Abilities (RF2)


Effects and stats

There is some stats I could write from notes. If you want some more, you'r pleased to write a request on my wall ;) User:Alcool007.

Super psycho lv10 Darkness element, cause paralysis 62 damage points Sold for 3,780 G
Gravios lv10 Poison and Seal protection 63 damage points Sold for 30,192 G
Balmung lv10 81 damage points Sold for 107,798 G
Moon shadow lv10 75 damage points Sold for 70,296 G
Durandel lv10 62 damage points Sold for 20,904 G
Gravit hammer lv10 Earth element 129 damage points Sold for 32,400 G
Dragon fang lv10 81 dm and additional +3 in defense Sold for 116,712 G
Balmung lv10 90 damage points Sold for 114,726 G

Note that weapons have hidden abilities. As example katana derived weapons have a better critical strike ratio.

Line of evolution

Most weapons could be upgraded into a better version, but more than once. There is a line of evolution separated by weapon's type.

Evolution list
Claymore.PNGZweihaender.pngGreatSword.pngKatana.pngDancingDicer.PNGBlue-EyedBlade.pngMoonShadow v2.pngSteelSlicer.png
Claymore -> Zweihander -> Greatsword -> Katana ->
Dancing Dicer -> Blue Eyed Blade -> Moon shadow -> Steel slicer
Claymore -> Zweihander -> Greatsword -> Flamberge ->
Katzbalger -> Punisher -> Balmung
Claymore -> Sea Cutter -> Snow Crown
Claymore -> Poison Blade -> Bio Smasher
Claymore -> Earth Shade -> Grand Smasher
Claymore -> Flame saber -> Shiny Blade
Claymore -> Cyclone Blade -> Heaven Asunder
Broadsword Sakura Soul eater Chaos Blade
Broadsword Luck blade Smash blade Gravios
Broadsword Steel sword Gaia sword Grantale
Broadsword Steel sword Aquasword Icifier
Broadsword Steel sword Burnin'blade Raventine
Broadsword Steel sword Defender Platinum sword
Broadsword Steel sword Wind sword Aerial Blade
Broadsword Steel sword Defender Cutlass
SmallShield.pngIronShield.pngRoundShield.pngPlatinumShield.png TurtleShield.pngBoneShield.pngChaosShield.png + HeavyShield.pngKiteShield.PNGKnightShield.PNG = RuneShield.png
Small shield -> Bronze shield -> Round shield -> Platinum shield
Platinum shield -> Tortoise shield -> Bone shield -> Chaos Shield
Platinum shield -> Heavy shield -> Kite shield -> Knight shield
Chaos shield + Knight shield = Rune shield
Small shield -> Magic shield -> Prism shield -> Magical shield ->
Element shield
Rod Staff Wizard's staff
Rod Silver staff Mage staff Rune staff
Rod.pngIceStaff.png Rod.pngEarthStaff.png Rod.pngFlareStaff.png Rod.pngLightningWand.png
Ice staff Earth staff Flare staff Lightning rod
Spear Halberd Corsesca Overbreak

MonkStaff.PNG + Metus.PNG = Belvarose.PNG -> DragonsFang.png

Wooden staff Monk staff
Spear Lance Heavy lance Flare lance
Blood lance Metus Belvarose Dragon's fang
Spear Halberd Silent grave Gae bolg Trident
Spear.pngPoisonSpear.png + Spear.pngNeedleSpear.png = Bjor.PNG
Spear Poison spear
Spear Needle spear Bjor
Spear Water spear Iseberk
Battle axe -> Pole axe -> Great axe -> Crescent axe ->
Double edge -> Saint axe
Battle axe Pole axe Rock axe
Battle-axe Pole-axe Alldale Demon axe
BattleAxe.pngTomahawk.png BattleAxe.pngFrostAxe.PNG BattleAxe.pngHeatAxe.PNG
Battle-axe Tomahawk
Battle axe Frost axe
Battle axe Heat axe
Battle hammer -> War hammer -> Great hammer -> Gigant hammer
Gravit hammer
Battle hammer -> War hammer -> Schnabel -> Bone hammer
Battle hammer -> War hammer -> Great hammer -> Spiked hammer
Battle hammer -> Ice hammer -> Crystal hammer
BattleHammer.pngFlameHammer.png BattleHammer.pngSkyHammer.PNG
Battle hammer -> Flame hammer Battle hammer -> Sky hammer
ExecutionerMyurnilVolcanonOmni-elementStar saberRune bladeFeather lanceBrionac
Note that some exception may occur. Wifi evolution weapons are not listed there.

Skill seals

Equipment books could be used in multiple way. More than just a Magic book, this game present you some Music Books and some skill seals to help you in your quests.
See : Magic Rune Abilities (RF2)
See also : Inquisitive Waltz (RF2)

Farming and others tools

See also : Skills

Starter tools



A hoe is one of the main tools used in Rune Factory 2. It is needed to till soil, and plants cannot be grown until a seed is planted in tilled soil. It can also be used as a weapon.


Description Aquire By Charge Attack
A hoe purchased from Mana. Rests easily in your hands, and us easy to use. Makes you want to work outside. First Generation 3x3 43
Rusty Hoe
A old, battered hoe. Used to hoe the fields. The blade us rusty and pitted. Second Gen.: Chest 0: 1 Square 33
Sturdy Hoe
A slightly improved hoe. Can cover a wider area. Forging 1: 3x1 35
Seasoned Hoe
An improved hoe. Can cover an even wider area. Forging 2: 3x3 37
Shiny Hoe
A hoe polished and improved upon until it glitters. Your sweat will also glitter after using it. Forging Tills an area of 5x5 squares. 39
Blessed Hoe
A hoe improved so much the soil cries out for you to use it. Can cover a very wide area. Forging Tills an area of 9x9 squares. 41


Waterpot "A waterpot purchased from Mana. Very easy to use."
The other tool you start off with by buying from Mana, this is used to water crops.
It's water usage is dependent on the crops watered.
  • If you water crops that are dry, it will use up the amount of water per square watered.
  • If you water a crop you have already watered, or water anything outside of your planting areas, no water will be used.
  • See Farming
In other words, you only use water on crops that need it, instead of using up water every time you use the tool.


Description Aquire By Charge Attack
A waterpot purchased from Mana. Very easy to use. First Generation 2: 37
Old Waterpot
A old, battered waterpot. Can be used to water the fields, but most of the water will leak out first. Second Gen.: Chest 0 32
Tin Waterpot
A tin waterpot. A little heavy, but can carry a lot of water. Forging 1 33
Lion Waterpot
A very cool waterpot. So cool that it can water a wide area. Forging 2 34
Rainbow Waterpot
A wild waterpot. So wild that it can water over a really large area. Forging 3 35
Joy Waterpot
A lovely waterpot. So lovely that you'll think it's raining when you use it. Forging 4 36


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Axe: "A used axe. Easy to swing and great for gathering wood, it can also destroy tree stumps"
The axe does exactly what one would expect it to: chop wood. You can also attack with it, but it's not as powerful as the actual axe weapons. This item is obtained from Tanya by completing her first quest "Battle Strategies: Orc."
  • Get from Tanya after finishing her quest: "Battle Strategies: Orc" [Repeatable].
  • Use to cutting branches and stumps, to get Wood. You need wood to build and improve a barn.
  • Attack: 1


Description Aquire By Charge Attack
A used axe. Easy to swing and great for gathering wood, it can also destroy tree stumps. Battle Strategies: Orc 2: 41
Rusty Axe
A old, used axe. So battered and worn that it can't remove tree stumps. Second Gen.: Chest 0 35
Chopping Axe
A slightly improved ace. Tough enough to remove tree stumps. Forging 1 40
Lumber Axe
A farmer's axe. Pretty tough. It can remove tree stumps without much difficulty. Forging 2 41
Mountain Axe
A mountaineer's axe. Very tough, it can splinter tree stumps with ease. Forging 3 42
Miracle Axe
The ultimate axe. Ultra tough, it makes short work of any stump. Forging 4 43


Hammer: "A used hammer. Makes you feel secure when you hold it. Can be used to smash rocks and boulders."
The hammer is used not only for clearing out rocks, but also for flattening out land you have tilled.
  • Allow you to mine ores and gems, inside dungeons.
  • See Mining
As weapon's specialty, hammer can stun monsters with every hits. The hammer is obtained by accepting Gordon's first quest "Please Bring Me an Amethyst", then talking to him about it.

Note : Stone is not a construction material in this game. Note : There is no RF2 Weapon's page yet.


Description Aquire By Charge Attack
A used hammer. Makes you feel secure when you hold it. Can be used to smash rocks and boulders. Gordon: "Please Get Me an Amethyst" 2 39
Old Hammer
A old, used hammer. Too worn to break large rocks, but it can still be used to flatten land. Second Gen.: Chest 0 37
Iron Hammer
Reinforced with iron. Now tough enough to crack large rocks, it can also be used to fatten land. Forging 1 38
Silver Hammer RF2SilverHammer.png Reinforced with silver. Now very tough, it can break large rocks as well as be used to flatten land. Forging 2 39
Golden Hammer
Reinforced with gold. Now super tough, it can powder karge rocks as well as be used to flatten land. Forging 3 40
Platinum Hammer
Reinforced with platinum. Now ultra tough, it can break massive rocks as well as be used to flatten land. Forging 4 41



The sickle is used to chop grass and weeds (fodders). Grass that is cut with the sickle is automatically sent to your Barn (if you have it) to be used as feed for monsters.

  • If you dont own one using it will simply remove the plants from your land.


Description Aquire By Charge Attack
A used sickle. Easy to hold, perfect for farming. Jake: "Come here for a sec." 2 34
Rusty Sickle
An old, rusty sickle. Can be used to cut weeds and grass. Watch out, as it will also slice up crops. Second Gen.: Chest 0 34
Iron Sickle
A slightly sharper sickle. Swing with gusto, and you will clear a slightly wider area than before. Forging 1 35
Quality Sickle
A sharper sickle. Swing heartily, and you can cut a wide path through the grass. Forging 2 36
Super Sickle
A very sharp sickle. Swing vigorously, and you can cut a deep path through the grass. Forging 3 37
Legend Sickle
A sickle crafted by a legendary smith. Infused with wind spirits that slice a huge area when swung. Forging 4 38


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Pole: "A used fishing pole. Easy to hold, and easy to fish with"
Your basic fishing pole. Assign it to your tool hand and press 'B' to cast into a body of water (lakes, rivers, the sea, etc.).
When you get a bite, Kyle will hold it upwards. Press 'B' again to reel in your catch. *Obtained from Barret by completing his first quest "I'm Looking For Something."

  • Get from Barret after finishing his quest: "I'm looking for something".
  • Use to catch fish from rivers or the sea. See fishing.
  • Attack: 1


Description Aquire By Charge Attack
A used fishing pole. Easy to hold, and easy to fish with. First Generation 2 28
Old Pole
An old, battered fishing pole. Can be used to catch fish, but not very well. Second Gen.: Chest 0 28
Beginner's Pole
A pole for beginning fisherman. Its core has been strengthened with copper. Forging 1 29
Intermediate Pole
A pole for the novice fisherman. Its core has been strengthened with silver. Forging 2 30
Famous Pole
A pole loved by by many famous fisherman. Its core has been strengthened with gold. Forging 3 35
Sacred Pole
A super-sturdy fishing pole that will never break. Platinum and gold give it flexibility and strength. Forging 4 32

Tools for monster's care

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  • Get from Cecilia after completing her quest: "Looking for special ingredients".
  • Used to create relationships with your monsters, or to grow their love/Fighting level.
  • See Communication's Skill
Brush: "An Item used when caring for monsters. Stiff and strong, capable of grooming even the coarsest of fur."
An tool used to brush tame monsters and raise their friendship level.

Harvest Basket


The harvest basket is received from Rosalind after finishing her quest: "Please find me an Apple". It is used to gather items from monsters you've befriended.

Harvest Basket: An item used when caring for and gathering from monsters. Allows honey and eggs to be collected.



  • You get them from Egan by completing his first quest "Please Taste This For Me.
  • Clippers are used to trim wool off of monsters that grow wool.
  • See List of Items
Clippers: "Used to trim and clip monster fur. Designed so that it is impossible to cut or hurt the monster."



  • Get this tool from Herman by completing his first quest "A Quest for Breakfast".
  • It's used to harvest milk.
  • See Cooking & Recipes
Milker: "Used to obtain Milk from a Buffamoo. Allows you to collect their very nutritious milk."

Pet Glove


  • This item is given to you by Cecilia for completing her first quest "Please Find Something".
  • As the game's description implies, you may take a few hits from monsters whilst petting them with this item.
  • It is also a prerequisite for building a barn.
  • See Communication's Skill
Pet Glove: "Gloves that tell your monsters you truly care. Now you can laugh off those loving nips and bites."
A tool used to tame monsters. Walk up to a monster and pet them to tame them. Once they are tamed, you can harvest items like milk or eggs from them as you would livestock in other Harvest Moon games.
In addition, the monsters can help you in dungeons and on your farm, for multiple tasks.

Others Tools

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Magnifying Glass


  • Get from second floor in your house, next to the Calendar.
  • Use to check the quality of your crops.

Empty Bottle

RF2EmptyBottle.png RF2RecoveryPotion.png RF2HealingPotion.png RF2MysteryPotion.png

"A glass bottle with nothing inside. Can be used to hold medicine."

You can get an empty bottle from the following people:

  • Byron for completing his first quest "Please Find Someone"
  • Douglas for competing his third quest "Let's Talk About This Like Men"
  • Natalie for completing her first quest "I Lost My Stethoscope"

Helpfull Note

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For the Fur sleeping bag, into this version of rune factory, the sleeping bags cannot be re-used. You could either found some at Dougla's Pumkin General Store, or in second generation you could manufacture it yourself.

  • There is only one version of the sleeping bag, no upgrade.