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The Water Spirit Shrine Temple as seen from Ymir

"What is the purpose of the tower that stands on this island? No one knows."

The Water Spirit Shrine Temple is an island located to the East of Fenith. It has four floors to navigate and a boss on the fifth floor. It is one of the four Elemental Shrines and is vital to the story line.


The Water Spirit Shrine Temple is the third sequential temple in the story line and can only be found after beating the Flame Spirit Shrine Temple and upgrading Ymir to cross stronger currents. The request to investigate this island is handed out by Violet and the key to access it is found in a chest at Jungle Island, an island at the southern extremity.


The Water Spirit Shrine as seen from the Landing Party

The Shrine is found in quadrant H-5 and it's appearance is similar to its predecessors except in representative color, which the obelisk and crystals in this shrine are blue.


... as seen from the inside

The Water Spirit Shrine is similar in the main entrance with the blue orb leading to the first floor and the supporting portals that lead to the others. (The Portal system is further explained here.)

Once the Player reaches the inside, they can see the Shrine is composed of Atlantean-like castles, arches, and spires in an underwater realm with numerous portals that lead to different sections of the floor.

On the Island


  • Wind Elemental
  • Tortoise
  • Blue Troll
  • Blue Goblin
  • Goblin Pirate
  • Blue Spirng Flower
  • Tundra
  • Golem
  • Silver Wolf
  • Blue Hyena(?)
  • Slime
  • Mimic
  • Water Faerie (via "Super Gate")
  • Minotauros
  • Ducks


Oblitergator, boss of the Water Spirit Shrine

An anthropomorphic blue alligator that has sick punches and an even sicker Australian accent. Master at close combat and can seriously wreck you if you get too close! Ranged Magic Attacks and Ranged Monsters are recommended, as is attacking him during his workout sessions.


Monster Drops
such as Tortoise Shells, Water Crystals, Toxin, Sapphires, and Glittering Edges.
Treasure chests
Silver is found in treasure chests throughout the Shrine.
Shrine reward
The Blue Core, which is acquired after completing the Shrine, whose power gives Ymir the ability to use waterspouts.

Importance (story plot)

Template:Spoiler The Water Spirit Shrine is vital to the story line as it reveals the basis of the Masked Man's final plan, the mentioning of the Legendary Golem.

After the Player defeats Oblitergator, they see that the boss rises to fight once more. However, out of nowhere, the Goblin Captain and crew appear, and having a change of heart, proceed to aid Aden. Using this opportunity, Aden speeds off to find the Spirit Sphere.

Unfortunately, the Masked Man has already arrived at the scene, and spotting Aden, remarks he is impressed that he has reached him so fast. Aden remarks about the sphere in the Man's hand, and the Goblin Crew appear around this time and also make a remark. The Masked Man responds and promptly, and deliberately, destroys the Sphere...

Water Spirit Shrine (, Romaji) is a location in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.


Inner Locations