Water Ruins

Water ruins

Water Ruins (, ') is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Area Information

Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 Weagle - Battle Axe, Roundoff, Paragone

-Save Point-

When you open the chest in this room, four Minotaur will appear to fight you.

B1 Sky Fish, Weagle - -
B2 Thunderbolt - -
B3 Sky Fish, Tortoise - -
C1 Chimera - Water Laser

The Chimera will not apear until you have been tasked with gathering Rune Spheres. Until that point, you will be able to see a Rune Sphere in this room.

Fishing area

C2 Goblin Archer, Tortoise Iron Ore, Rune Crystal Bronze, Aquamarine -Save Point-
C3 Tortoise, Weagle Aquamarine Ore, Rune Crystal -
C4 Goblin, Goblin Archer, Sky Fish, Tortoise, Weagle X2 Boxes X4 Recovery Potions

-Save Point-

The center of this room is not present initially. You will need go through the side entrances to hit switches on the left and right sides of the room to make the platform that lets you pass through the room appear.

C5 Sky Fish, Tortoise X2 Boxes -
C6 Sky Fish, Tortoise X1 Box - Red Lever in this room.
C7 Sky Fish, Tortoise X3 Boxes Rod Fishing area.
D1 Goblin, Goblin Archer Aquamarine Ore, X1 Box -
D2 Goblin, Goblin Archer Aquamarine Ore -
D3 Goblin, Goblin Archer X2 Boxes -
D4 Goblin, Goblin Archer - -
D5 Goblin, Goblin Archer X2 Boxes Blue Ribbon
E1 Goblin X1 Box - Go south to enter Selphia Plain.





Wooden Boxes