"A fine butler who works in the palace and has dedicated his life to Ventuswill. He is a kind man whose talent and passion knows no bounds, though one could argue that his passion borders on hysterical at times. Vishnal and Clorica rightfully look to him for guidance with their profession."
―Website Description

Volkanon (ヴォルカノン Vorukanon) is a top-notch butler who serves the Native Wind Dragon, Ventuswill. He is very emotional and easily cries. He is capable of superhuman feats of strength, stating that it is only part of his duty as a butler. He is also allergic to flowers and regrets that he can't take care of them.

Later in the game, it is possible to unlock a feature that lets him be able to join your party when you have reached 2500 tourists.


Volkanon is a top-notch butler. He is very responsible and passionated with his job. He always appears to Lest/Frey to assist in their matter even though they were not aware of it yet. He is caring and rather melodramatic, not afraid to shed a tear, manly tears that is.

With his awesome brute strength and expert craftsmanship capability, he always try to make Lest/Frey's journey easier for example like clearing the giants logs blocking the paths in the woods and building a very impressive bridge out of scratch very swiftly and professionally.

Volkanon is very confident and proud to be able to assist in any way he can. He said that "I can build bridges in my sleep, I assure you. It's no harder for me to put on pants!"


Favorite Gift: Relax Tea

Likes: Honey, Sweet Potato, Lumber, Stone, sweets

Dislikes: Disastrous Dish

Battle Information

Level Health Attack
50 3000
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
Strength Vitality Intelligence
Default Weapon
Weapon Type


  • Good morning.
  • Fantastic!
  • How very cute!

Battle Invitation

Acceptance: "Of Course! I shall accompany you wherever you choose to go."



  • He shares a birthday with Danny from Rune Factory: Frontier and Pia from Rune Factory 3.
  • Volkanon built a bridge for Lest/Frey to pass across to reach Obsidian Mansion, similar with how Daria built(rebuilt) the bridge at Privera Forest for him (Micah) to get to the Racoon.