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After you've started dating Vishnal and gotten his LP up to 10, you will randomly trigger this event. Vishnal will mention that he's going to be evaluated soon in order to become a full-fledged butler. Vishnal later tell you that his father was a doctor, and although he also wanted to do something in his life to help others, he didn't have the brains for his father's profession. He saw a talented butler making his master look better without making it obvious that it was his doing, and was soon inspired to become a butler instead.

When you go to watch his evaluation, he will be told that he passed; however, due to his relationship with Frey, he won't be allowed to pass because she's the princess.

After he's been encouraged by you to chase after his dream to be a full-fledged butler rather than stay with you, he will go back to be evaluated again. This time he'll pass, but then he changes his mind. Vishnal will speak his mind to the evaluator and tell him that he, even without forgetting his heart and soul as a butler, would rather be with you in order to fulfill his other dream, which is to make you the happiest girl in the world.

Vishnal thanks everyone for taking care of him before then leaving the room together with you. He will then try to propose to you, but he forgot the engagement ring because of all the excitement. Eventually, Vishnal will be convinced to go and smooth things out with the evaluator, who was quite touched by his dedication to his loved one, and will allow him to pass while continuing his relationship with you.[1]

Jealousy Dialogue

If you try to see other people while being married to Vishnal, you will trigger an exchange where he will acknowledge that you haven't been faithful, and you must assure him that you still love him.


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