"An apprentice butler who goes through intense training each and every day in hopes of graduating to full-fledged status. He thinks there's nothing a butler can't do, and thus strives to become a jack of all trades. He's so amenable, however, that he often finds himself on the receiving end of practical jokes."
―Official Website Description[1]

"I'm going to keep training no matter what!"
―Vishnal, Rune Factory 4

Vishnal (ビシュナル, Viznar) is an eligible bachelor in Rune Factory 4. The son of a doctor, he was raised to pursue a career where he could help others. Since he believed he wasn't smart enough to be a doctor, he searched for other careers until he eventually met a skilled butler that inspired his dream to became the greatest of butlers. He then left home for Selphia and is now learning the trade from Volkanon, who is his superior.

Like Clorica, he spends a lot of his time cleaning the castle and during some mornings at 8am he will be the one to take the items from the player's shipping bin and sell them. He can also be found in various spots in Selphia, such as Dragon Lake and the Shopping District, shouting "welcome" to any tourists and waving his hands.

Vishnal will be the tutorial giver at the beginning, teaching the player how to properly farm.


Vishnal is a very open and optimistic young man. He acts friendly to everyone he meets and is the first to offer help should they need it. The downside to this is that he often interprets a person's words at face value, so he's easily fooled. Bado especially takes advantage of his naivety and tries to push useless items on him by saying they will help make him a great butler.

Seeing how he wants to become a world-famous butler, Vishnal is always polite to those around him, like he is serving them. For example, after it has been revealed that the player are not the royal family member the town was expecting, he will be the only person who keeps referring to Lest/Frey as Prince/Princess to better help him role-play as a royal butler.

Although he tries his best at everything, Vishnal doesn't always have much success. Notably, he's a horrible cook. He still gives it his all and, as someone who wears his heart on his sleeves, it's pretty easy to tell whether he's feeling confident or not about the work he's done so far.


Favorite Gifts:

"Really?! _____? And handmade by you, no less? Thank you! This is a wonderful present! I love it!"

Curry Rice, Gold Vegetables, Ultimate Curry, Royal Curry, Curry Manju, Curry Udon


"I've liked these ever since I was little. Thank you!"

Fried Rice, Pot Stickers, Meat Dumplings, raw vegetables (except Turnips), Omelet Rice, Croquette, Flan, Ice Cream, Gyoza, Steamed Gyoza, Chinese Manju


"I may have this? Thank you! By the way, Princess, do you know what my favorite foods are? My very favorites are things like Omelet Rice and Croquettes."


Vishnal: "This..."

Lest/Frey: "...?"

Vishnal: Erm, to be honest, I'm not very fond of turnips."

Lest/Frey: "Oh?"

Vishnal: "Yes. I like other vegetables perfectly well, but not them. Arthur likes turnips, though. Perhaps you could give it to him. Oh, but..."

Lest/Frey: "...?"

Vishnal: "Erm, nothing. Never mind. Honestly, I am not at all fond of turnips."

Turnips, Pickled Turnips, Turnips Heaven

"'Now, now! Trash belongs in the trash can. If you would like to give me something, I'd much rather it be a simple Curry Manju."

Trash, Scrap Metal


  • "I'll take every challenge without giving up!"
  • "Ah, It's getting warm."
  • "I'm not going to lose!"
  • "Ask me anything about the fields!"
  • "Come on, Sebastian! Alfred! We must train!

Battle Quotes

  • "Butler Power!"
  • "Special Attack!"
  • When healed: "I'm with you, so you'll win!" "Fight on!" and "Don't give up!"
  • Knock out: "I... can't..."

Battle Information

N/A Level Health Attack
3 197 84
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
8 26 8
Strength Vitality Intelligence
26 17 26
Default Weapon Steel Edge
Weapon Type Dual Blades


  • On his left arm he has a crown (in his case, an armlet) very similar to Volkanon's, except in a different color and smaller.
  • According to Namikawa Daisuke (Vishnal's Japanese VA) at the official site, Vishnal is 183 cm tall or 6' tall. He's also supposedly much younger in age than how he appears to be.[2]
  • Vishnal's battle cry; "Butler Power", has some allusions with Hayate's role in the anime series, "Hayate the Combat Butler".
  • Vishnal shares the same birthday with Eunice from Rune Factory: Frontier.
  • Like Forte and Sakuya, most of his cooking attempts are failures.
  • If Frey chooses Vishnal to be one of her lovers, she will ask him when he started liking her. Vishnal will admit that he had a crush on her when they first met. Doug is another bachelor who will admit this.
  • Vishnal's pets during the Buddy Battle event are named Sebastian and Alfred, most likely references to Sebastian Michaelis and Alfred Pennyworth who are distinguished butlers in the Black Butler series and the Batman universe respectively.
  • Nicknames the female protagonist can call him after the confession event are Darling, Mr. Vishnal, Sir Vishnal and Vin, and Sweetie. Nicknames he offers to call you are Honey, Master, Li'l and Princess.
  • If the female protagonist asks Vishnal on a date to Selphia: Dragon Lake, he will admit to her that he can't swim.