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Daily Random Dialog


Ventuswill: How's your work as a Prince? Are you managing to keep a cool head, despite all pressure?

Lest: (Answer) I freaking love it.

(happy) I'm having so much fun! I'm really grateful to you for assigning me all these duties.

Ventuswill: (laughing face) I see... That's good to hear.


Lest: (Answer) IT'S HELL ON EARTH. -or- You forced me into it.

Ventuswill: (grimace w/sweatdrop) Ugh... Forgive me, please...



Ventuswill: Lest, you're my best friend.

Ventuswill: (laughing face) So...

Lest: Flattery will get you nowhere.

Ventuswill: (grimace) ...Tsk!

Receiving a cookie on White Day


Ventuswill: Ah, is this for me?

Ventuswill: So does this mean you harbor special feelings for me?

Lest: (Answer) Yep!

Ventuswill: (blushing) So you say...

Ventuswill: (still blushing) However, I am not so young that I can be bewitched by a youth such as you.


Lest: (Answer) Not really.

Ventuswill: ...Are you blushing?

Ventuswill: (laughing face) You are blushing, are you not?