"A dragon god for the town of Selphia, also known as The Divine Wind. Her place as a deity has given her something of a complex and a desire to keep up appearances, especially where her citizens are concerned, as her relationship with them over the years has helped tailor a perfect mask of gentle superiority worthy of her title. With the arrival of a certain Earthmate, however, it looks like her childish, demanding, and vigorous speech habits will be slipping through a lot more often."
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Ventuswill (セルザウィード Seruzawiido) is one of the Native Dragons of Rune Factory 4. One of the four dragons of Norad, she is the protector of Selphia and rarely leave town. She stands guard to protect the townspeople and to ensure that the runes in the land don't dry out. Her safety is as much a priority for the people of Norad as their safety is for her.

In the past she used to have a dragon priest, and a more casual relationship with the people around her, but she's long ago abandoned such things. She now hides the softer side of her personality and acts formal and commanding before others, because she doesn't want someone to risk themselves for her. The only exception she makes is for the protagonist, who she slipped up in front of in her surprise of having him/her land on her in the beginning of the story. She actually prefers being called Venti, but the only person who knows that is Lest/Frey, who caught her with her guard down, and those who knew her back before she felt the need to put her guard up.

Despite likening herself to a god, Venti has the least imposing or knowledgeable image of the four Native Dragons. She easily mistakes the protagonist (regardless of gender) for a member of royalty named Arthur, despite having a close relationship with the royal family, and she will hastily relocate the blame for when she turns out to be wrong. This is the beginning of a long relationship between herself and the protagonist, in which the two exchange friendly bickering.

More than anything else, Venti doesn't want to be alone. But she's lost numerous friends in the past, and is no longer comfortable opening to others, since she might lose them as well.

Once you have completed the third act of the story and obtained a ranking of 2500, she can be recruited to go into dungeons with you.


Following Venti's arrival at the Floating Empire, she confronts Ethelberd and assists the protagonist in dispatching the mad Emperor. After defeating Ethelberd once more, he clings to the Rune Sphere's power once more and uses the power of Etherlink, leaving the protagonist helpless to watch as he fuses himself with Ventuswill's dragon body.

He clamors in amazement over the power he's received, although Venti intervenes once more, telling the protagonist to do what they must and eliminate Ethelberd. After the protagonist defeats Ventuswill, she and Ethelberd are separated into two halves once again. Venti and the protagonist watch as Etherlberd dissipates into a floating sphere and is sent back to the Forest of Beginnings, having lost his humanity in the process of claiming the Rune Sphere's power. Venti also laments about her condition, stating that she as well would go back to the Forest of Beginnings. The protagonist clamors at her statement and Venti plays along as she announces that she intends to fly the protagonist back to the town's safety.

After arriving back at Selphia, the townspeople are overjoyed by Ventuswill and the protagonist's return, celebrating their arrival with a party and announcing how they worried for the protagonist. Following the celebrations, the protagonist approaches Ventuswill once more to talk about the future, with Ventuswill providing an ominous tone. She tells the protagonist that her time was short-lived as her body had already gone back to the Forest of Beginnings. Through force of will, her spirit brought the protagonist back to Selphia because of her wish to see everyone one last time. After giving her thanks and gratitude and saying her goodbyes, Ventuswill dissipates into a floating sphere, bound for the Forest of Beginnings. The protagonist ruminates over her friendships with Ventuswill and that of the townspeople, saying that they mourned for a long period of time before things began to settle back into normalcy. However, the impact of Ventuswill's disappearance left a void in Selphia, the town where there was once a self-sacrificing dragon who spoke a human language and befriended its townspeople.

Third arc

After you've completed the second arc, any time after that (since this is random it may take a bit) a town event called "Memories" will eventually take place (the event can be manipulated into occurring if you bring both Dylas and Amber into your party before you sleep, and if they leave in the morning then you know that the event has been triggered), and will begin the third arc. In this event, you'll eavesdrop on the various guardians discussing a way to bring Venti back among themselves, or with Barrett or Raven. When the town event is complete, the player can climb Leon Karnak, refight its bosses, and unlock Rune Prana at its base. Rune Prana is a seven-part dungeon with returning bosses from previous Rune Factory games. Defeating each boss allows the player to remember their past as an Earthmate and their job to bring the Rune Spheres to Selphia for Ventuswill, so that no more people would have to sacrifice themselves to become Guardians. Defeating the final boss Ragnarok (a version of Ethelberd) allows the player to bring Ventuswill back to life for good.


Favorite Gifts: Gold vegetables, Pancakes

Likes: Honey, Mushroom, Vegetables

Dislikes: Monster drops from dragons, Skill seals, Wind Dragon Fang, Also trash items, She will Say "What are you doing!" and this is with her voice.

Battle Information

Venti Level Health Attack
75 98000 3300
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
1400 3000 1400
Strength Vitality Intelligence
3300 2800 3000
Default Weapon None
Weapon Type None


Level 75 EXP. Bonus
Location Sharance Maze
Drop Wind Dragon Tooth, Dragon Fang, Dragon Scale, Recipe Bread+
98000 3460 2413 3035 2385 3300 2800 3015
Traits [Weakness] 



  • I am Ventuswill, the divine wind!
  • What are you doing!
  • Amah! Pancakes! A generous dollop of these over some Honey is delicious! My thanks, my thanks! What?! You made these by your own hand? ... By the stars, your skills are enough to impress the gods.


  • Ondorus can mention Ventuswill in Rune Factory 3. In that conversation, he said that Ventuswill is one of the grand dragons and the guardian dragon of Norad.
  • She is also known as Selzauide, and she has Seriza as her human name.
  • She is the only female Elder Dragon.
  • Amongst the Elder Dragons, she is the only one who died in her respective Rune Factory game.
  • It is apparent that the producers of the Rune Factory series first thought of Ventuswill in the first game. (You can see a book talk vaguely about her in the Kardia library.)==References==