Hello! I've learned about this marvelous town that is Trampoli, from website and video. I took so much nice pictures that I din't know which one should I chose to describe the village. Doing so I got the idea of Creating this Blog Showing he city's one landscape at at time :)

Try the image-map extension to navigate by clicking on the picture

Trampoli LakeTrampoli hiking trailLava Ruins EntryObservatoryPublic SquareWhale's IslandBusiness DistrictGrocery's StoresTrampoli's InnForgeBath HouseChurch DistrictLibraryClock TowerChurch & Nurse's houseGiant's TreeIsland's AccessTrampoli - FarmlandErik's FarmDe Sainte-Coquille MansionKross's FarmHomesteadThe barnMist's FarmGreen RuinsTrampoli BeachTrampoli 2
About this image

Lets start with the Orange sector

Raguna's Farm - Homestead

Raguna's Barn

Next would be the Black sector

Mist Farm - Beach Road

And the green Ruins

Then, white sector - The beach

Trampoli Beach

2Trampoli - pan beach top 2Trampoli - Pan Beach Bottom

Back to the green circle

Church District

And the Rune's Archive

Clock Tower

The pink district

Whale's Island

Island's tower

The Purple District

Business District

Grocery & Forge

Inn & Bath House

Public Square

The Yellow area, on the left side of Farm's house

Farmland - South District

De Sainte Coquille Mansion

The Cyan Circle

Hiking trails - Lake Poli

Mountain Road


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2 May 2013