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In Rune Factory 4, you can collect trophies by performing certain tasks. You can examine your trophies at any time by going down the stairs located in the upper-left of your room.

Festival trophies: There are trophies associated with each town festival. Festival trophies change color in accordance to your highest ranking: 3rd place nets a bronze trophy, 2nd silver, and 1st gold. You will not lose your gold trophy if you won a certain festival and place poorly in the same festival the following year. Festivals that require a time limit (such as De-Fluffing and Bean Throw) can be replayed by examining the respective trophy. You will not get a prize for placing, but you can change the high score. You can examine the trophy to view your high score.

Fish trophies: Each fish trophy can be examined to see the Biggest Catch and Smallest Catch recorded for that fish.

Floor 1 Trophy Room

RF4 trophies Floor1.png
Trophy or Memento Description Requirements
Projector A machine that plays back vivid memories. Just close your eyes and concentrate... Initially available.
First Shipped [First Shipped] Delicious crops and beautiful accessories. I want to see everyone's smiling faces! Sell an item through your Shipping Bin.
First Date [First Date] Erm, who did I go on a date with, again? I couldn't possibly have forgotten... Go on a date.
First Catch [First Catch] It's a quiet but exciting battle with some wily fishies. Exciting! Catch a fish.
First Pet [First Friendly Monster] There's no border between man and beast. At heart, we're all but monsters! Befriend a monster.
First Cold Caught [First Cold Caught] If you're tired, take a break. You wouldn't want to worry those close to you! Catch a cold.
First Request [First Request Solved] It's a beautiful thing to help someone. Hang onto this feeling always! Complete a request.
First Bath [First Bath] No, not literally! Just my first time bathing at an inn. Sheesh! I'm not THAT gross! Take a bath at the inn.
Difficulty Setting [Game Difficulty: ____ ] There are also ____ and ____ difficulties. Initially available; choose between Easy, Normal, and Difficult.
Bean Throw. Trophy [Bean Toss Contest Trophy]
Ack! So much Failed Dish!
Place in the top 3.
De-Fluffing Trophy [De-Fluffing Festival Trophy]
I want to sink into a big Wooly.
Place in the top 3.
Fish. Frenzy Trophy [Fishing Frenzy Contest Trophy]
The proof you won Fishing Frenzy Contest. Fish! Fish! Fiiish!
Place in the top 3.
Big Catch Trophy [Big Catch Contest Trophy]
You are the Big Catch Contest champ! Yours is bigger than anyone's!
Place in the top 3.
Squid Catch Trophy [Squid Catch Contest Trophy]
You conquered the Squid Catch Contest. You're an epic fisherman!
Place in the top 3.
Variety Trophy [Fish Variety Contest Trophy]
Fish Variety Contest was all yours. Every fish begs your pardon.
Place in the top 3.
Eating Con. Trophy [Eating Contest Trophy]
Food is not drink. Chew it!
Place in the top 3.
Target Prac. Trophy [Turnip Festival Trophy]
Hit two turnips with one ball.
Place in the top 3.
Turnip Con. Trophy [Turnip Flurry Trophy]
Turnips! Give me some turnips!
Place in the top 3.
Spr. Harvest Trophy [Spring Harvest Festival Trophy]
Yours shone the brightest. Be proud!
Place in the top 3.
Sum. Harvest Trophy [Summer Harvest Festival Trophy]
Yours shone the brightest. Be proud!
Place in the top 3.
Aut. Harvest Trophy [Autumn Harvest Festival Trophy]
Yours shone the brightest. Be proud!
Place in the top 3.
Win. Harvest Trophy [Winter Harvest Festival Trophy]
Yours shone the brightest. Be proud!
Place in the top 3.
Quiz Contest Trophy [Quiz Contest Trophy]
What a genius you are! This is a trophy for a real Quiz King!
Place in the top 3.
Buddy Battle Trophy [Buddy Battle Trophy]
Thank you for taking care of me. Master, did I make you proud?
Place in the top 3.

Floor 2 Trophy Room

RF4 Trophies room2.png
Trophy or Memento Description Requirements
Cooking Con. Trophy [Cooking Contest Trophy]
You've mastered cooking. Next love and marriage!
Place in the top 3.
Handicraft Trophy [Handicraft Contest Trophy]
You're a forging master! Strike while the iron is hot!
Place in the top 3.
Illustration Contest View images drawn by fans for the fifth anniversary of the Rune Factory series. Initially available.
Wedding Photo [Your Wedding Photo]
It's a photo of ____ and ____ . Best wishes!
Get married. Examine this trophy to change nicknames or to replay your wedding day.
Fin. Rune Factory 4 [Completed Rune Factory 4]
Congratulations! You've definitely earned this trophy!
Finish 2nd(?) story arc
Beloved By All [Beloved By All]
Everybody loves you. This is your proof of everlasting friendship.
Raise friendship level of everyone to 10.
Saved 10,000,000 G [Saved 10,000,000 Gold]
Penny pincher, or just got good business sense? Either way, wow!
Save 10,000,000 gold
Five Years Passed [Five Years Passed]
Hope you've built up lots of wonderful memories!
Spend 5 years in-game. The time skip does not count.
Shipped All Items [Shipped All Items]

You are a true master of Rune Factory 4. Simply amazing!

Ship all the items at least once.
Had a Baby [Had a Baby]

Your baby is the crystallization of your dreams, hopes and love.

Have a child.
Build and expand all Monster Barns.
Made it to Lv. 1,000 [Made it to Level 1,000]
Finally, you hit the thousand mark! This road...has no end
Reach level 1,000.
Sharance Trophy You completed the "_________" in Sharance Maze. ____________________. Complete a section of the Sharance Maze.
Masu Trout Trophy Caught Masu Trout! Catch Masu Trout.
Squid Trophy Caught Squid! Catch Squid.
Taimen Trophy Caught Taimen! Catch Taimen.
Sardine Trophy Caught Sardine! Catch Sardine.
Char Trophy Caught Char! Catch Char.
Chub Trophy Caught Chub! Catch Chub.
Glitter Snp. Trophy Caught Glitter Snapper! Catch Glitter Snapper.
Skipjack Trophy Caught Skipjack! Catch Skipjack.
Turbot Trophy Caught Turbot! Catch Turbot.
Gibelio Trophy Caught Gibelio! Catch Gibelio.
Salmon Trophy Caught Salmon! Catch Salmon.

Floor 3 Trophy Room

RF4 Trophies room3.png

The third room of trophies contains nothing but fish trophies. As before, you can inspect each trophy to see a record of the largest and smallest catch for each fish type.

Note that the Needle Fish Trophy (for catching Needlefish) preserves the spelling from the game.

Trophy or Memento Description Requirements
Mackerel Trophy Caught Mackerel! Catch Mackerel.
Needle Fish Trophy Caught Needlefish! Catch Needlefish.
Pike Trophy Caught Pike! Catch Pike.
Sunsquid Trophy Caught Sunsquid! Catch Sunsquid.
Shrimp Trophy Caught Shrimp! Catch Shrimp.
Snapper Trophy Caught Snapper! Catch Snapper.
Throbby Snp. Trophy Caught Throbby Snapper! Catch Throbby Snapper.
Rainbow Trt. Trophy Caught Rainbow Trout! Catch Rainbow Trout.
Flounder Trophy Caught Flounder! Catch Flounder.
Blowfish Trophy Caught Blowfish! Catch Blowfish.
Yellowtail Trophy Caught Yellowtail! Catch Yellowtail.
Crucian Carp Trophy Caught Crucian Carp! Catch Crucian Carp.
Tuna Trophy Caught Tuna! Catch Tuna.
Girella Trophy Caught Girella! Catch Girella.
Fall Flounder Trophy Caught Fall Flounder! Catch Fall Flounder.
Cherry Slmn. Trophy Caught Cherry Salmon! Catch Cherry Salmon.
Lamp Squid Trophy Caught Lamp Squid! Catch Lamp Squid.
Lobster Trophy Caught Lobster! Catch Lobster.
Pond Smelt Trophy Caught Pond Smelt! Catch Pond Smelt.
Sand Flndr. Trophy Caught Sand Flounder! Catch Sand Flounder.
Rock Fish Trophy Caught Rock Fish! Catch Rock Fish.
Can Trophy Caught Can! Catch Can.
Boot Trophy Caught Boot! Catch Boot.
Rare Can Trophy Caught Rare Can! Catch Rare Can.