Trieste Forest (トリエステの森, Toriesute no Mori) is dungeon in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. It can be used to plant spring plants.

The temperate climate is perfect for spring vegetables.
Danger level:


First Generation | Second Generation

Spring Clearing

  • Pomme Pomme (Day)
  • Wooly (Night)

Aegis Falls

  • Orc Archer (Day)
  • Ant (Night)

Grassy Path

  • Orc (Day)
  • Spider (Night)

Wooded Paradise

  • Orc (Day)
  • Orc Archer (Day)
  • Spider (Night)
  • Ant (Night)


  • A fast-growing vegetable that's the same color as cherry blossoms. I want to eat 3 of them...
    • Those were some delicious Pink Turnips... (Obtained Green Stone Tablet Fragment)
Great Tree
  • Go to Trieste Forest - Mushroom Patch and defeat 4 Tricky Mushrooms. They appear at night.
River Stream
  • There's a bright, fiery, red fruit that grows in the trees of Trieste Forest. Bring me 12 of them.
  • This syrup will make anyone like you instantly.
    • A Recipe for FRIENDLY SYRUP
  • Taste the magic of falling in love.
    • A Recipe for CUPID'S KISS
  • Better flavor and more volume.
    • A Recipe for PET FOOD