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The tools found in the game are primarily used for farming, though some can be used to attack with as well. They are not, however, as effective as actual weapons.


A hoe is one of the main tools used in Rune Factory: Frontier. It is needed to till soil, and plants cannot be grown until a seed is planted in tilled soil. It can also be used as a weapon. The cheap how is obtained before starting the game.


Description Aquire By Charge Attack RP Use
Cheap Hoe A hoe with a chipped edge, but it can still till the fields. First Generation 7 10


A water pot is essential to plant growth. It is needed to water plants, but only when it has water in it.


Description Acquire By Charge Attack RP Use
Cheap Can A leaking watering pot used to water fields. Only hold a limited amount of water. 8 6


The hammer is used for mining. The first one is obtained when first meeting Melody on Whale Island.


The cheap sickle is given to Raguna by Erik after he has a bit of friendship points.

Pet Glove

The pet glove is essential for obtaining monsters. It is obtained by talking to Kross after going to Whale Island.


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