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The 7 farming tools: Hoe, Hammer, Sickle, Watering Can, Axe, Fishing Pole, Brush and Clippers.

There are six main types of farm tools. They are the hoe, waterpot, axe, hammer, pole, and the sickle. They can be upgraded at the forge that you'll have to get Gaius or Raven to build later on in the game. There is also the brush and clippers which can't be upgraded, but you can buy from the blacksmith in town. You can only buy the two lowest level farm tools of each type from the blacksmith, so you need to upgrade them at home, or get lucky at the "Special Deals" option of the Blacksmith. This information and more can be found on the Forging page under Crafting.


Hoes are the most essential apparatus for farming. They are used to till the soil. Also can be used to heal to soil with Withered Grass by tilling it on the soil. Hoes aren't really fast to swing, but had quite a chance to knockout enemies. Hoes are very useful to pull out Bamboo Shoots because they don't accidently cut it for the second time like the Sickle

Item Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Skill Lv Type
Rusty Hoe Scrap Metal Iron Iron 5 -
Sturdy Hoe Rusty Hoe Bronze Bronze 15 -
Seasoned Hoe Sturdy Hoe Silver Silver 30 -
Shiny Hoe Seasoned Hoe Gold Gold Gold 60 -
Blessed Hoe Shiny Hoe Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum 80 Light


Waterpots are essential gear for watering the crops. It doesn't grant ATK, but M-ATK instead. Although, it it fast to use for attacking, it doesn't do much damage. Waterpots needs to be filled with water for each usage, you can fill it with water from ponds, rivers, lakes, and Water Magic Seed. Moreover,it really helps in the Water Skill.

Item Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Skill Lv Type
Old Waterpot Scrap Metal Iron 5 Water
Tin Waterpot Old Waterpot Bronze Bronze 15 Water
Lion Waterpot Tin Waterpot Silver Silver 30 Water
Rainbow Waterpot Lion Waterpot Gold Gold 60 Water
Joy Waterpot Rainbow Waterpot Platinum Platinum 80 Water


Sickles are not quite the gear to be use in battles, but it does have good attack radius, when used, you have to charge forward and slash very fast, it very dangerous if you accidentally cut your own crops. But, unlike other sharp bladed-weapons, sickles are much easy to use to cut weeds and crops. The Rusty Sickle is obtained after completing Wells' request, "Deliver message."

Item Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Skill Lv Type
Rusty Sickle Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Iron 5 -
Iron Sickle Rusty Sickle Bronze 15 -
Quality Sickle Iron Sickle Silver 30 -
Super Sickle Quality Sickle Gold Gold 60 -
Legend Sickle Super Sickle Platinum Platinum 80 Wind


Axe attributes are the same as hammers, don't perform knock-backs or knock-outs, but possess much greater attack power. Most axes can deliver staggers, but with a 26% change ratio. All type of axes (including the battleaxe) can chop wood. Unlike battleaxes, workaxes do not need to be swung.

Item Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Skill Lv
Rusty Axe Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Iron Iron 5
Chopping Axe Rusty Axe Bronze Bronze 15
Lumber Axe Chopping Axe Silver Silver 30
Mountain Axe Lumber Axe Gold Gold Gold 60
Miracle Axe Mountain Axe Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum 80


All hammers are great at knock-outs and knock-backs, the chances are 50% and above. But much weaker in staggering. Although that the damage is lesser than axes. All hammers can hits rock and also ores, unlike the battlehammers, workhammers don't need to be swung,

Item Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 Skill Lv
Cheap Hammer Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Iron Iron Iron 5
Bronze Hammer Cheap Hammer Bronze Bronze Bronze 15
Silver Hammer Bronze Hammer Silver Silver Silver 30
Gold Hammer Silver Hammer Gold Gold Gold Gold 60
Platinum Hammer Gold Hammer Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum 80

Fishing Pole

Yes, fishing pole. Fishing poles can also be use to attacks. The range are a bit farther than staves. And also faster striking. But if it land on any body of water, that would make the fishing pole busy. Upgraded fishing poles are much better to be use for fishing, because better type poles can help to reel the fish longer by 13%. Fishing pole are the only essential tool for fishing

Item Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Skill Lv
Cheap Pole Wood Strong String 5
Beginner's Pole Cheap Pole Sparkle String 15
Intermediate Pole Beginner's Pole Quality Cloth 30
Famous Pole Intermediate Pole Tortoise Shell Tortoise Shell 60
Sacred Pole Famous Pole Fish Fossil Fish Fossil Fish Fossil 80


The Brush is a tool used to raise affection with tamed monsters. You can not make another Brush, requiring you to buy one from the blacksmith when you lose the one given to you.


The clippers sole purpose is to shear Wooly fur. You can not make another Clippers, requiring you to buy one from the blacksmith when you lose the one given to you. The Clippers are also a Wooly dropping.


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