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Tiny Bandage Clinic (病院(びょういん)『ちいさな包帯(ほうたい)』, Byouin "Chiisa na Houtai") is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Jones and Nancy own the Tiny Bandage Clinic in Selphia, with Dolce helping once she has been moved in. If the main character faints, he/she will appear here. Upon waking up, you'll be expected to pay a clinic fee. The fee will increase each time you faint, and go up at a steeper rate depending on the difficulty level you are playing on. (There is a price cap for easy and normal mode, but prices in hard mode can go up as high as you can fill your wallet.) If your spouse is with you when you pass out, you'll get a couple's discount.

The only time you will not pay a fee for fainting is when Nancy is working at the clinic.

You can buy various medicines and, once you unlock it, the chemistry set here.


Item Gold
Recovery Potion 80
Healing Potion 500
RF4Mystery Potion.png
Mystery Potion 1500
RF4Magical Potion.png
Magical Potion 5000
RF4Cold Medicine.png
Cold Medicine 1000
Roundoff 800
Para-Gone 900
RF4Antidote Potion.png
Antidote Potion 1200
RF4Green Grass.png
Green Grass 120
RF4Medicinal Herb.png
Medicinal Herb 80
RF4Antidote Grass.png
Antidote Grass 150
RF4White Grass.png
White Grass 120
RF4Orange Grass.png
Orange Grass 120
RF4Yellow Grass.png
Yellow Grass 120
RF4Blue Grass.png
Blue Grass 120
RF4Red Grass.png
Red Grass 120

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