Heya ! So some years ago I did a big rework on the monster page for ToD. I was wondering if it should be cleaned up or something and have it look similar to other monster pages such as RF4 and RF3.

So maybe have a normal list of all the monsters at the bottom or top and then the specialty and boss categories somewhere with a smaller list of the monsters that fit in each one. Maybe have these smaller lists reflect the bestiary that's already there. Ofcourse keeping the bosses intact.

I first reworked the whole page back when there were no separate pages for each monster hence why it looks the way it does. And now it just seems like a whole mess. I just thought that it would be convenent and look much nicer. Also since some monster pages seem to have nothing for their ToD counterparts. The table for ToD on the Orc page is really nice btw.

Ofcourse I'll gladly help with it but since you're the admin I'd like your opinion.

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