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The Crystalabra (閃光(せんこう), Senkou) is a location in Rune Factory 5. Heinz and Lucas work here.

The Crystalabra allows you to purchase rune skills from either Heinz or Lucas. Like the other shops in Rigbarth the inventory sold can be upgraded by purchasing the expansions from Studio Palmo and supplying Gold, Lumber and Material Stone.

At times this store also has a 10% off sale but it does not impacted certain products.

This shop also sells crystals that you can feed to farm dragons to improve their farming plots. You can make it rain, you can improve the yield of the crops, and expand the amount of tillable soil available.

Additionally, this shop also sells a rotating selection of goods which sometimes allows you to buy rarer items or building materials in bulk.

The first shop expansion expands the amount of purchasable goods.

The second shop expansion allows Lucas (and only Lucas) to increase the levels of your Rune skills. To do this simply "hold" the rune skill you wish to upgrade then hand it to Lucas and he will ask if you wish to upgrade it. Different skills requirement different materials such as gold, jewels, orichalcum or other rare items to upgrade each skill can go all the way up to level 10.

The third shop upgrade is expensive and it is not known what changes yet.


This store is one of the stores that is unlocked by default, that being said, goods in here can be a tad expensive at times.


This store has multiple product inventories to choose from.

Item Gold

Inner Locations

Heinz's room is on the lower level of this shop. It has some interactive elements but nothing really noteworthy to be found.


This is a shop in town and as such no monsters are found here.