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Tanya (ターニャ, Tanya) is a character in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Tanya is Alvarna's blacksmith, and is, by her own admission, obsessed with swords and weapons in general. She heartily believes that everyone should own a good sword and know how to use it. She has a rather raucous personality overall, wishing aloud that Alvarna had a bar, and once getting kicked out of the bath house for demonstrating sword-fighting while in the bath!


Tanya has fair skin with orange eyes and light blonde hair covering her right eye. She wears a loose headband adorned with feathers and a scrap of fabric. Her outfit is orange and white, a short tunic and bodice with a detached collar and black leather half-cuiras.

Tanya is always armed. She wears no less than two katanas, a broadsword, and a rapier at any time. The weight of her swords is cushioned by some white fur under the belt.She also wears sturdy leather gauntlets and ties a piece of black fabric on her left bicep.


Tanya's son is Roy, who is more interested in playing than weapons. She prides herself in being a "fun mother," but does get somewhat frustrated with her hyper-active son's inability to pay attention in class. Her sole employee is Jake, though on rainy days Roy can be seen helping out as well.


Kyle meets Tanya when he goes to the smithy on Mana's recommendation to buy his first sword. Tanya is excited to get him started and sets him several trials to build his skills.

Second Generation

In the Second Generation, Tanya continues her mentorship role to Aaron and Aria. Since the children need more training, she spends more time with them and reveals more of her personality. She reveals that she is afraid of ghosts, and that even though she loves fighting, she's not very good at it and can "barely handle an orc."


Tanya has extremely easy gift tastes - Apples are both free and abundant in the easiest dungeon. Presumably, she loves them because she gets to use her swords to cut them up.

Birthday Ruby Ring

"Oh, that's very thoughtful of you. I really like Apple. T-H-A-N-K-S! Thank you!"

Apple, Apple Pie

"Oh, what's brought this on? A present, for me?"

Trash, Grass, Fruit, Vegetables, Curios

"That's a TOMATO, isn't it...? I don't really like that, I'm afraid. I hope you didn't go out of your way to get it..."



During the day, Tanya stays in the Sharper Edge Blacksmith between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. On festivals, Tanya is either just outside to the left of the bathhouse or at the docks, soaking up the sun. On some nights, she will visit the bathhouse.