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Sweet Hearth (手作りパン「しあわせ」, Tedzukuri Pan "Shiawase") is a location in Rune Factory 5.

At some point an event plays out where Lucy and Priscilla want a new job. You can assign either one to work at the Sweet Hearth (the Bakery) or the general store. This decision has no impact on the story but assigning them to the correct store will net you more affection points. Priscilla is ideal for the bakery and Lucy is ideal for Serendipity (the general store).

The first shop expansion allows Yuki (and only Yuki) to sell clothing.

The second shop expansion increases the bread limit to 6 pieces per day instead of 4.

The third shop upgrade is expensive and it is not known what changes yet.


This shop doesn't require any special things to unlock it.


This store doesn't really have an inventory that expands. They sell cooking bread and Yuki sells alternative costumes.

Item Gold
Recipe Bread Crafting Bread Buy: 150G Sell:
Recipe Bread Weapon Bread Buy: 180G Sell:
Recipe Bread Chemistry Bread Buy: 120G Sell:
Recipe Bread Farming Bread Buy: 250G Sell:
Recipe Bread Cooking Bread Buy: 100G Sell:
Yuki's Fashion Pajamas 980G
Yuki's Fashion Swimsuit 1500G
Yuki's Fashion Navy Casual / Pop Casual 2800G
Yuki's Fashion Gold Casual / Cool Casual 2800G
Yuki's Fashion Cream Casual / Cerezo Casual 24000G
Yuki's Fashion Sky Formal / Sanseddo Formal 24000G
Yuki's Fashion Cloud Formal / Snow Formal 24000G
Yuki's Fashion Soldier Style 30000G
Yuki's Fashion Heavy Armor Style 30000G
Yuki's Fashion Red Armor Style 30000G
Yuki's Fashion Purple Wizard 36000G
Yuki's Fashion Blue Wizard 36000G
Yuki's Fashion Green Wizard 36000G

Inner Locations

To the right of the main bakery is Randolph and Yuki's Room. There are some interactive elements in their room but nothing particularly interesting.