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The Summer Headdress (夏のヘッドドレス, natsu no heddodoresu) is an item in the Rune Factory series.

In Rune Factory 4, one can be obtained per day by throwing any single item into the Summer Spring located south of the Water Ruins. A red fairy, aptly named Red, will give you one, but keep the item you tossed. A Medicinal Herb is sufficient enough.


Rune Factory 4

Summer Headdress
RF4Summer Headdress.png A headdress that makes you feel summer-y. People who love summer have strong hearts.
Category Headgear Sell 500G Buy N/A
[Ability] DEF +2 M.DEF +1

Fire Res 5%


The Summer Headdress is used as an ingredient in the following recipe(s):


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Crafting Table Four Seasons 44 Spring Headdress Summer Headdress Autumn Headdress Winter Headdress