Statue Island EXT

Statue Island as seen from atop Ymir

Description: A unique island dominated by giant stone faces. It must have been built by a mighty civilization.

Statue Island is one of the many islands that dots the Ocean around Fenith.

Statue Island LAND

Statue Island as seen from Landing Party


Statue Island is an island found in the G-6 Quadrant of the ocean, and as stated by its name, the dominant feature is a large stone head on the center. This stone face is similar to the Temporary Island Stone Heads found throughout the sea.


The Top of the Stone Head

Similar to Shrine Island, there are monster gates on the circumference and one needs to destroy these in order to get access to the ladder that leads to the top of the stone head. As stated, once one completes the aforementioned, return visits do not require such task completed.

On the Island


Lower Part:

  • Sky Fish
  • Wooly
  • Chipsqueak (via "Super Gate")
  • Buffalos

Top of the Stone Head:

  • Minotauros
  • Wooly
  • Faeries


  • Hard Horn (via Buffalos)
  • Monster Hide (via Buffalos)
  • Fish Fossil (via Sky Fish)
  • Water Crystal (via Sky Fish)
  • Fairy Dust (via Faeries)
  • Dark Crystal (via Minotauros)
  • Iron (via Wooly)
  • Scrap Metal (via Wooly)
  • Wool ball (via Wooly)
  • Small Treasure Chest (Treasure Chest at the Top of the Stone Head)


It is one of the Discovery Requirements for Mikoto.

Other than that, it is useful for leveling up for the Fire Spirit Shrine Temple.


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