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Stamps are an achievement item in Rune Factory 5.

Stamp Unlocking
First Shipment
First Date
First Fish
First Monster Friend
First Cold Caught
First Request Completed
First Bath Taken
Bean Toss Contest Stamp
Squid Contest
Various Fish Contest
Spring Harvest Festival Stamp
Summer Harvest Festival Stamp
Fall Harvest Festival Stamp
Winter Harvest Festival Stamp
Pet Contest
Cooking Contest Stamp
Handicraft Contest Stamp
Tricky Treats Contest Stamp
Beat the Game
Befriend Everyone
10000000 Gold
5 Years
Ship Every Item
Birth of a Child
Monster Barn
Level 1000
Masu Trout Caught
Catch a Squid
Taimen Caught
Sardine Caught
Char Caught
Chub Caught
Glitter Snapper Caught
Skipjack Caught
Turbot Caught
Gibelio Caught
Salmon Caught
Mackerel Caught
Needlefish Caught
Pike Caught
Sunsquid Caught
Shrimp Caught
Snapper Caught
Throbby Snapper Caught
Rainbow Trout Caught
Flounder Caught
Blowfish Caught
Yellowtail Caught
Crucian Carp Caught
Tuna Caught
Girella Caught
Autumn Flounder Caught
Cherry Salmon Caught
Lamp Squid Caught
Catch a Lobster
Pond Smelt Caught
Catch a Sand Flounder
Catch a Rockfish
Catch an Can
Catch a Boot
Catch a Rare Can
Catch a Golden Salmon
Catch a Golden Octopus
Sunfish Caught
Seerfish Caught
Catch an Octopus
Marlin Caught
Cutlassfish Caught
Abalone Caught
Splendid Alfonsino Caught
Red King Crab Caught
Eating Contest
Snow Brawl Stamp
Buffamoo Contest
First Tag-Team Fishing
First Tandem Smithing
First Co-op Cooking
Big Family
Five Farm Dragons
SEED Rank: Perfect Ranger