Earthmates are people with a special connection to the earth. Most, if not all, of the Rune Factory protagonists are Earthmates. Micah (the protagonist from RF3) is the only protagonist to date who hasn't been confirmed as to whether or not he is an Earthmate.

The Rune Factory Official Memoirs (published in 2010) offers some bits of information about Earthmates as a whole and some specific cases:

  • In ancient times the term "Earthmate" used to refer to people with a wide range of abilities that allowed them, to some extent, to control the powers of runes, the earth and spirits at will. In modern times the powers of Earthmates have greatly diminished, and since then the term acquired a broader use to refer to people who inherited some Earthmate abilities.
  • Kyle's Earthmate powers are confirmed to be weak, possibly the weakest of all protagonists. In contrast, his children's powers are confirmed to be very strong.
  • Earth Script is the language ancient Earthmates wrote in. It's said you can summon powerful magic if you use the script right[1]. In RF2, the earth script in the ancient tablets is written in the writing system used by ancient Earthmates. Since the end of the game, with the help of Barrett, Kyle and his children are working on deciphering this writing system.
  • Ancient magic is stronger than modern magic and the product of Earthmate power, but has mostly disappeared along with them. It is not explained if it's due to the gradual dissapearence of rune spheres.
In RF4 it's also said that, as revenge for his defeat by Raguna (RF), Emperor Ethelberd began an annihilation campaign against Earthmates, killing any he came across. He is finally stopped by the protagonist at the end of the game.


Elves are included in every Rune Factory game to date. They also have a Dark Elf race. Most live in the Elven Kingdom and have a special connection with monsters and a respect for nature. Egan, when first meeting Kyle, tells him that he can smell the wind of a different land on him, as Sylphs, the spirits of the wind, whisper it to him. He also explains that they cannot be seen by humans.

Elves and dark elves get along well with monsters, as they're a part of their society[2].

The Rune Factory Official Memoirs (published in 2010) has a bit more information about elves:

  • The elven kingdom is located in an island covered entirely by forest. The island is said to be larger than the eastern nation.
  • The elve's kingdom is ruled by a queen and a council of elders. Apparently Tabatha was meant to be the next queen until she gave her position to her sister Minerva.
  • In recent times many elves have been leaving their home island to live in human nations. However, most elves stay on the forest island.
In RF4 Margaret mentions that the De Sainte-Coquille family has been friends to the elven people for a long time. This may explain why some elves in the series are found in the service of the De Sainte-Coquille even if they gain nothing out of it (like Maerwen's case).


Doug expains his race as "crotchety people who are supposed to be good at forging" as well as deft. Dwarves are known to have a natural talent for forging but it may be more likely that they pass this skill to their children. Dwarves often live in clans and sometimes their clans have specific traits such as Zaid 's silver eyes. Zaid also explains dwarves are human sized. Some traits dwarves all have in common are: their ears are pointed (though smaller than elves' ears) and they have a special intonation in their speech. 


Introduced in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, those who are Half-Monster are able to change into that monster at will. However, they will also change when under a great deal of stress, or if the runes inside their bodies are somehow imbalanced. It is unknown if it is possible to change into any type of monster, as the only types shown are Woolies and a Phoenix-like bird.


Guardians are fused with the earth using the magic, "Etherlink." It can fuse humans with runes. Earthmates fuse the guardians' bodies with the earth's runes to keep sending power to Ventuswill. In order to do so, they need someone wth a strong connection to her. Those with Monster Forms, showing a distinction from those who are Half-Monster, are heavily implied to have been human once, but had gone through a change due to supernatural events. Once they change out of their monster forms, they revert back to a human-like state, but still have aspects of their form. For example, as Amber was a butterfly-like monster, she retains the antenna and wings once in a human-state. Those who have monster forms cannot change back into their monsters.[3][4]


Univir are a race first introduced in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Their source of magical abilities comes from the horn on their head, though it is unknown how the two are connected. Capes are the formal attire of univir and they have ears similar to elves, though it is unknown if the two species are related.


Mermaids transform into their more fishy form when they touch water, including when it is raining or snowing. Even when in mermaid-form due to rain, they are still able to move around the land as if they were normally walking, except their feet change to a tail. However, in their human forms, they can be identified by the fins on their wrists and the sides of their heads.


While being strikingly similar to humans, Witches are those who practice and are versed in the ways of magic. Of the three witches that are shown to date, only one is stated to know destructive magic, while the other two are shown to practice healing and medicinal magic respectively. It is unknown if they are actually a separate race, or if they are simply humans that have a high capacity for magic.  

Dragon Priestesses & Spirit Medium

Dragon Priestesses and Spirit Medium are able to sing the Spirit Song to communicate with the spirits.



  • According to Rune Factory: Frontier, spirits, Runey for example, are all around us. As a side quest into this game, reveal that a high concentration of feeling's, or story could be stored, or stock into a place like a recall of memories. This way, you could encounter a Mysterious woman who's represent someone else that aren't dead yet.
  • Pushing this idea further, in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, even if its not official yet, through an analysis about dialogue, quote and side story, we might be able to determine that after the first generation, Kyle's represent more a spirit version of himself than what he used to be; especially after he came back from his own sacrifice again Fiersome. Does villagers keeps some secrets toward Aaron and Aria in order to protect their childhood innocence? ...Not saying that their father's only back for a certain time, helping his family coping about his own death! We might never know.

  • Inside Rune Factory 4, ghosts are stated to be a soul that is so close to a person that they haunt them out of choice, not need. However, if drifted too far from the one they are haunting, their soul will pass on. They are able to appear and disappear at will, including to those they aren't haunting. Pico is stated to have to scan any clothes Dolce makes for her, as it is much easier to scan a physical object. It is unknown if this is possible for all ghosts, or if Pico is just an exception.

Divine Dragon

Large dragons, they are said to be the equivalent gods to the people of Norad. While there are four Native Dragons, only Ventuswill is close to those of Norad, and the only one that one can speak to on a daily basis. They exist to keep the Runes in check, and they draw their power from them. Once the Runes drop to a certain level, Native Dragons become weak, even to the point where they simply pass out. The only other Native Dragon that has seen any other interaction is Aquaticus, as after finishing the plot of Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, the protagonst is able to speak to him for a brief moment.

Native Dragons, also known as Elder Dragons or Divine Dragons, are the four Dragons rumored to be capable of causing mass destruction, as well as being responsible for the creation of the current world. All of the Four Elder Dragons have been the Final Boss of a numbered Rune Factory Title. They are as follows:


The Four Native Dragons fought against the Legendary Golem in a war that destroyed the world. Then, after it was sealed away, they created the current world.

In the event that a land is sapped of its runes, a Native Dragon is burdened with the duty of watering the land with their lives, thus replenishing the runes within the area.

Due to their great power, the Elder Dragons are respected throughout the land as gods.


Terrable: He presides over "Resurrection", and his mission is to keep life on the planet- well, alive- and in order. He also remakes the world if Fiersome destroys it.

Fiersome: He presides over "Destruction", and his sole mission is to lay waste to the world. To keep the planet safe, the ancient Earthmates have locked him in a seal that must be regenerated every 1,000 years.

Aquaticus: He presides over "Transformation," his exact role in the world is unknown, but due to his aquatic nature and his title as god of water, it could be inferred that he might have control over the seas and everything in it. He also likes to steal your wife.

Ventuswill: She presides over the "Abyss of Time," her exact role in the world is unknown. Besides her care and overseeing of Selphia, due to her title as the goddess of wind, it could be inferred that she might have control of the weather and/or sky.


Arch-Dragons are a species of dragons that appear in Rune Factory Tides of Destiny. They seem to be on a higher order and status than regular dragons.


Tallyn is the most notable Arch-Dragon because she is the only one living on the island anymore, it is unknown what happened to the rest.

The Egg

The Egg is what appears after Tallyn leaves Fenith Island, and it is basically the next Arch Dragon to watch over Fenith. The Arch Dragon in the Egg can be named by the Player.



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