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Sonja (ソニア, Sonia) is a character in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. She is a female playable character and a bachelorette in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.



Very sweet and assertive, she goes out of her way to help those in need. Guiding Aden on his journey, they are stuck together as her soul is trapped within him, but she doesn't let it stop her from being herself and forming wonderful friendships.


Sonja has light skin with neck-length pink hair and green eyes. She wears a suit consisting of pink, white, brown and black colors.


The female protagonist of Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. At the beginning of the game, she loses her body and is trapped in Aden's instead. She has also been friends with Aden ever since childhood.

She is later revealed to be the Wind Dragon Priestess, the missing 4th Dragon Priestess of the legend. The reason she's in Aden's body is because she supposedly died 200 years ago (which was actually the Masked Man stealing her Body), and needed a host in order to be placed in the "present" time, hence why she was forcefully merged with Aden. She was then sent to Fenith Island through an interrupted (and thus distorted) spell that Pandora cast.

It's assumed she likes cooking, as constantly comments about food and cooking in general. This is best example when around Odette (who also enjoys cooking) and most scenes involving the kitchen. Also, it is implied that she's fairly adept cook herself, as she has cooked Aden's meals for him and still does that.


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There are no Requests in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.


While within Aden's body, she is forced by Aden to go on a date with Bismark to help get over his fear of girls. Though she had no choice in the matter, she appeared willing to do it.

While bound to Aden, Sonja is much more capable of understanding other girls affections toward Aden while he remains clueless. This is most visible during interactions with Violet and Odette, both whom ask him out on a date (informally or formally) during the course of the Friend/Love cut-scenes. Usually, Sonja consoles the girls, letting them realize it's Aden's fault, not theirs, that he doesn't comprehend their moves.

She also harbors strong feelings for Aden, which (most of the time) appears to only be sisterly in nature. Some of her reactions however, hint at there possibly being more. In Violet's friend/love level 6 cutscene, Sonja denies having any romantic interest in Aden, and acts frustrated when Aden doesn't comprehend Violet's efforts to woo him. It should be noted that a romantic relationship can be made between Aden and Sonja through the player's actions. Aden can still marry Sonja (and Sonja can still marry Aden), and thus, goes directly against her statement to Violet.


Loved Ooh, a fruit tart! Did you make this yourself? Wow!
Fruit Tart
Liked Thanks! I knew you'd remember about my sweet tooth!
Any dessert
Disliked You know I hate seaweed...
Wakame Seaweed


When playing as Aden, she can be found working at the Inn or shopping at the Gemini Store. During the Holidays, she stands just outside Aden's home.



  • During the first Bathhouse sequence after Aden and Sonja share bodies, Aden and Sonja have a short quarrel as for how Aden can take a bath with her present. Sonja settles it by stating that she can close her eyes, and it is not brought up afterwards. However, this implies two things: Sonja retains some physical "control" of herself while in Aden's body, and that Sonja has probably at some point seen Aden nude (assuming Aden bathes regularly).
  • Another fact supporting that Sonja retains a separate control of her body is during the first Pandora scenes, during which Sonja faints after seeing Pandora's "ghost" for the first time, something which Pandora comments on specifically. She wakes up soon afterwards, without Aden in any way being affected, hinting that although they are in the same body, they are not linked in any direct means.
  • While bound to Aden, Sonja can be awake and active while Aden is asleep as well as vice versa. During the early Pandora scenes at Aden's house, Aden awakes after listening to Sonja and Pandora (ghost form) in the early morning. Whether this is strictly because Pandora was in her sealed state is uncertain, but seems unlikely given that she made no mention of it when she often enjoys explaining the supernatural. Also, during Violet's friend/love level 6 even, Aden passes out due to a drug that Violet gave him, however Sonja remains awake.
  • In Rune Factory 4, the NPC Mistress Trupin mentions meeting a strange couple, a man and a woman sharing the same body, referencing Aden and Sonja.
  • Sonja shares the same birthday as Neumann from Rune Factory.