Sol Terrano Desert (ソル·テラノ砂漠, Soru Terano Sabaku, lit. Sol Terrano Desert) is a harsh and unforgiving desert. The bleached white bones of many animals litter the landscape. Most people stay away from this area, unless they have a very good reason to visit it. So do you have a good reason to be here, or are you some kind of weirdo? Or are you here to visit the hidden univir settlement deep in the desert?

Difficulty ★★☆☆☆

Suggested level: 15

Mineable Items

  • Scrap Metal, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Emerald, Ruby, Fire Crystal



  • Oranges


  • Char, Chub, Cruciap Carp, Lobster, Sardine, Turbot, Sand Flounder and Rockfish (Can be caught in the Sand Sea), Shrimp, Sunsquid

Randomly Hidden

  • Cucumber, Eggplant, Pink Cat, Pumpkin, Tomato


A settlement is located somewhere in the desert, though it can only be entered when you have the ability to transform. It is home to Kuruna, Ondorus, and Zaid.

Dating Location

Sol Terrano Star Dunes
Sol Terrano Dessert's dating location is called Sol Terrano: Star Dunes.


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