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Sol Terrano Desert (ソル·テラノ砂漠, Soru Terano Sabaku, lit. Sol Terrano Desert) lies south-southwest of Sharance. It is the summer area and the second story dungeon, as well as the location of the univir settlement—a place where monsters seek refuge from humans. Living here are the univir elder and leader of the settlement, Kuruna; her advisor and childhood friend, Ondorus; and the dwarf, Zaid.

For most of the story, the settlement is only accessible when Micah is in his monster form, as most of the residents there loathe humans, and he is forced out of the settlement whenever he attempts to enter as a human. Therefore, the ability to transform is necessary to enter, and it can be obtained after defeating the Raccoon in Privera Forest.

The date area, Star Dunes, can also be found here. The stars are only visible during the night.

Mineable Items

  • Scrap Metal, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Emerald, Ruby, Fire Crystal




  • Oranges


  • Char, Chub, Crucian Carp, Lobster, Sardine, Turbot, Shrimp, Sunsquid
  • Caught in Sand Sea: Sand Flounder, Rockfish

Randomly Hidden

  • Cucumber, Eggplant, Pink Cat, Pumpkin, Tomato

Dating Location

Sol Terrano Desert's dating location is Sol Terrano: Star Dunes, lying just west of the entrance.