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Sofia (ソフィア・ハラペニョ・ヴィヴィアージュ, Sophia Harapenyo Viviaaju) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



She is a wealthy, strange girl who is constantly bored and seeking attention.

She has taken up her father's habit of speaking in opposites, which makes it difficult for others to understand her, and sometimes lands her in confusing situations. Her older sister, Evelyn, is also very concerned about her. Sofia likes useless things such as Cans and Scrap Metal.

Despite Sofia's opposite-way of communication, she is actually hiding her honesty. It first started long ago when Sofia got a gift made of garbage from her sister. She hated it, which made Evelyn very upset. After that incident, she wished to tell the truth by lying, and now she makes it a habit like her father, who also speaks in opposites.

In the quest of 'Raven: Thank You', when they give a Failed Dish as a sorry gift for Sofia, she mentions that Raven actually thinks that the light was what took her friend away. She also explains that the light emerges from a series of disturbances in the rune energies from a monster and a human. Micah is a bit in shock since he's a half-human and half-monster. Sofia elaborates "But I haven't found where it causes a person to disappear. Just monster pets." Raven still says that she saw her friend (a person) disappear with her own eyes. Sofia then says "Was that really a human?" Raven is shocked by the inference made by Sofia. Raven and Micah are both half-human and half-monster,  and the wooly nearing the light had rune entity within it. The effect of boundary-breaking created a portal-form of energy from such disturbance in the atmosphere. This is to ensure that this 'boundary' limits certain disturbances between those who are different.

In the quest "Sofia: Don't need help", Sofia will ask Micah to spread a rumor to the women of the public about Evelyn's clothes being 'elegant' (in red typing). They wouldn't believe Sofia since she talks like that.


Sofia has purple hair adorned with a yellow ribbon bandana that has thick light purple lines. Her bangs are parted to the right and adorned with a light blue hair clip. She has pale skin and her matching purple eyes looks a little angry.


Sofia is the daughter of Sherman who speaks in opposites, so it's hard to understand her.


Sofia: I'm not hungry{end}
Sofia: I'm busy{end}
Sofia: Not important{end}
Sofia: It's nothing{end}
Sofia: It's normal{end}
Sofia: I'm not curious{end}
Sofia: Don't need help{end}
Sofia: It's not much{end}
Sofia: You're boring{end}
Sofia: I'm fine{end}
Sofia: I'm not looking{end}
Sofia: I have nothing{end}

1 I'm not hungry

Bring something to eat.

Unlock: 1 FP
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Cook, or find a dish, any of them, for Sofia
Reward: 2,000 G

4 It's nothing.

Give me a hand...

Unlock: 4 FP
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Find an apple for Sofia. May be found at Privera Forest
Reward: Amethyst Ring

5 It's normal

Please come. It's an emergency.

Unlock: 5 FP
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Catch 3 birds, in Sharance for Sofia withing 3 game hour. Micah catch them while walking near one.
Reward: Yogurt and Cheese

6 I'm not curious

I want you to look into something.

Unlock: 6 FP
Condition: Finish Evelyn/Requests "Can you help?"
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: With the help of Karina, find Gaius at Sol Terrano Desert
Reward: Platinum x3, Monkey Toy

2 I'm busy

Let's go play

Unlock: 2 FP
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Visit Sharance village with Sofia
Reward: Eggs x6

3 Not important

There's something I want you to bring me.

Unlock: 4 FP
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Give Sofia a weed Grass.
Reward: Rice Ball x3

Sofia asks Micah to get her a weed. After he gives it to her, she thanks him and returns to her bedroom. Evelyn tells him that she tests if people can understand her. Micah says that he doesn't mind and he likes her. Evelyn is happy to hear this and says she only tests people that she likes.

7 Don't need help

I need some help.

Unlock: 7 FP
Condition: Been in a date before
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Speak to all the Bacheorettes in Sharance.
Reward: Sapphire x 2, Aquamarine x 2, and Diamond

8 It's not much

Please help...

Unlock: 8 FP
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Watch a scene in the Mansion, then with the help of Raven, find Sofia, and Gaius's location.
At 9:00 AM to 12:59 PM = Gaius will be in Oddward Valley, "Archway"
At 1:00 PM to 3:59 PM = Gaius will be in Sol Terrano Desert, "The Fossil"
At 4:00 PM and later = Gaius will be in Privera Forest, "The Pupil"
Reward: None

9 You're boring

Let's play together.

Unlock: 9 FP
Location: Mailbox
Objective: At the Mansion, Sofia suggest to Visit Vale River, "Icy Rosebush", then return home.


  • Sherman - father
  • Evelyn - older sister


Loved This is…! What could be more useful?! This is the absolute worst! I really hate these! I’d like to have more sometime.
RF3Super Fail Super Fail, RF3Rare Can Rare Can
Liked Why, what a useful object! I hate these! I hope you bring me more sometime!
Withered Grass, Weeds, RF3Failed Dish Failed Dish, File:RF3Can.png Can, File:RF3Boot.png Boot, RF3Branch Branch, Rock, Scrap Metal
Neutral Is this for me? Thanks. Well, I suppose I’ll take it. But I am actually not interested in useless objects .
Yellow Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass, Black Grass, Antidote Herb, Medicinal Herb, Toyherb, Fruit, Bamboo Shoot, Made, Platinum
Disliked Reaction 1 | Reaction 2
I love these. It looks like it's so useful, but it's actually useless… If you're going to give me something, give me something like {{{1}}}or {{{1}}}.
Sweet Powder, Heavy Spice, Mixed Herbs, Sour Drop, Flour, Curry Powder, Dumpling Powder


Sofia usually cast her Shocking Wail(Shock Wave) whenever an enemy is out of her range. She does not approach them by running, but rather, she is cautious enough to deal a quick, effective Lunging Talk and combined with the Sweep Talk for a very versatile combo. She has a great awareness and oblivious enough for retaliating enemies' attacks.

Sofia's melee combat tactics is pretty random, since she always performs them in an all-out attacks. But, she will always cast Shocking Shout whenever an enemy is not within her combat range.

[Melee]>  Reversal Vox(regular attacks) (3 hits)

[Melee]> Lunging Talk[Shortsword Dash Attack] (sparingly with Reversal Vox and Sweep Talk)

[Melee]> Sweep Talk[Shortsword Charged Attack] (sparingly with Lunging Talk and Reversal Vox)

[Any range]> Shocking Wail[Shock Wave] (mostly and sparingly)

Support: Mediheals

Sofia will always casts the corresponding Medi-spells for a quick restoration. She will cast it when either Micah or her is inflicted with Poison, Paralysis or Seal. She is aware enough to be idle for a while and casts it for a quick status dispelling.

Sofia has no Special Skills.

  • Note that Sofia's speed and awareness in battle will rise after the Unity Festival.
    • Also, Sofia's usage Mediheals is for both Micah and her in terms of current status will progress right after the Unity Festival.
4 98 10 0 0 0 18 9 18
Default Steel Sword
Type N/A





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