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Sofia (ソフィア・ハラペニョ・ヴィヴィアージュ, Sophia Harapenyo Viviaaju) is a wealthy, strange girl who is constantly bored and seeking attention.

She has taken up her father's habit of speaking in opposites, which makes it difficult for others to understand her, and sometimes lands her in confusing situations. Her older sister, Evelyn, is also very concerned about her. Sofia likes useless things such as Cans and Scrap Metal.

Despite Sofia's opposite-way of communication, she is actually hiding her honesty. It first started long ago when Sofia got a gift made of garbage from her sister. She hated it, which made Evelyn very upset. After that incident, she wished to tell the truth by lying, and now she makes it a habit like her father, who also speaks in opposites.


In the quest of 'Raven: Thank You', when they give a Failed Dish as a sorry gift for Sofia, she mentions that Raven actually thinks that the light was what took her friend away. She also explains that the light emerges from a series of disturbances in the rune energies from a monster and a human. Micah is a bit in shock since he's a half-human and half-monster. Sofia elaborates "But I haven't found where it causes a person to disappear. Just monster pets." Raven still says that she saw her friend (a person) disappear with her own eyes. Sofia then says "Was that really a human?" Raven is shocked by the inference made by Sofia. Raven and Micah are both half-human and half-monster,  and the wooly nearing the light had rune entity within it. The effect of boundary-breaking created a portal-form of energy from such disturbance in the atmosphere. This is to ensure that this 'boundary' limits certain disturbances between those who are different.

In the quest "Sofia: Don't need help", Sofia will ask Micah to spread a rumor to the women of the public about Evelyn's clothes being 'elegant' (in red typing). They wouldn't believe Sofia since she talks like that.


Unity Festival


Sofia: Unity Festival. I don't really mind what kind of people come.

Micah: Your legs are shaking...



Sofia: What?! Here?! Now?!

Micah: Sofia...will you marry me?

Sofia: No!

Micah: I love you, Sofia!

Sofia: I...wish...

Sofia: I wish a violent tornado would carry you off to a solitary island that would subsequently suffer a massive earthquake!

Sofia: That is to say I love you, too.


Sofia: Thank you. I can't... accept this.

Battle Information

Tactic: Oppositions

Sofia usually cast her Shocking Wail(Shock Wave) whenever an enemy is out of her range. She does not approach them by running, but rather, she is cautious enough to deal a quick, effective Lunging Talk and combined with the Sweep Talk for a very versatile combo. She has a great awareness and oblivious enough for retaliating enemies' attacks.

Sofia's melee combat tactics is pretty random, since she always performs them in an all-out attacks. But, she will always cast Shocking Shout whenever an enemy is not within her combat range.

[Melee]>  Reversal Vox(regular attacks) (3 hits)

[Melee]> Lunging Talk[Shortsword Dash Attack] (sparingly with Reversal Vox and Sweep Talk)

[Melee]> Sweep Talk[Shortsword Charged Attack] (sparingly with Lunging Talk and Reversal Vox)

[Any range]> Shocking Wail[Shock Wave] (mostly and sparingly)

Support: Mediheals

Sofia will always casts the corresponding Medi-spells for a quick restoration. She will cast it when either Micah or her is inflicted with Poison, Paralysis or Seal. She is aware enough to be idle for a while and casts it for a quick status dispelling.

Sofia has no Special Skills.

  • Note that Sofia's speed and awareness in battle will rise after the Unity Festival.
    • Also, Sofia's usage Mediheals is for both Micah and her in terms of current status will progress right after the Unity Festival.
Sofia Battle Level Health Attack
4 98 10
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 0 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
18 9 18
Default Weapon Steel Sword
Weapon Type N/A



  • "I'm so bored!"
  • "That's too bad."
  • "Wow!"
  • "Huh?"
  • "I detest this."
  • "I hate you."
  • "I feel... great."
  • "I'm so happy..."
  • "Love it."
  • "Good evening!"
  • "Morning, sir."


  • "I feel...great."

When reloading game with Sofia in party:

  • "It's bad to see you again."
  • "I'm ready for nothing."

When married:

  • "Hey Darling" (If nickname is Darling)
  • "Hey Sweetie" (If nickname is Sweetie)
  • "Woolykins" (If nickname is Woolykins)

Interesting unspoken dialogue:

When in love:

  • "I wish you'd walk straight into the jaws of a Minorus!"
  • "I've burned everything that reminds me of you in a ritualistic bonfire! So we should get together sometime."


  • Like her father, all of her opposite words are in red text prompting the player to know what she's really saying.
  • Even though her family members in the game are Evelyn and Sherman, Sofia has a slightly different hair color which is bright purple. Unlike Evelyn, who has violet hair and Sherman whom has green hair. 
  • Sofia is the only character which Failed Dish and Super Fail work in reverse (since it's her favorite gift) instead losing hp, Failed dish and super fail cure her.