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Small Crystal (小さな結晶, Chīsana Kesshō) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory: Frontier

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HP RP Type RFFTYPE.png Miscellany

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Small Crystal
File:RF3Small Crystal.png Runes crystallized over many years. Very rare and valuable. Greatly raises magical attacks.
Category Goods Sell 300G Buy 2100G
73 +8 +2


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Belzebyute 63 Claymore Small Crystal Small Crystal Magic Crystal - -
Forge Steel Slicer 82 Claymore Platinum Platinum Hood Small Crystal Fairy Dust
Forge Braveheart 92 Claymore Platinum Diamond Small Crystal Fairy Dust Fairy Dust
Forge Saint Axe 96 Battleaxe Platinum Diamond Light Crystal Small Crystal Dragon Fin
Forge Mage's Staff+ 78 Rod Gold Platinum Devil Blood Small Crystal -


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Workshop Rune Shield 88 Platinum Diamond Dragon Tooth Small Crystal Fairy Dust Fairy Dust
Workshop Art of Magic 92 Platinum Magic Powder Hood Devil Blood Small Crystal Fairy Dust
Workshop Fairy Boots 89 Diamond Diamond Small Crystal Fairy Dust Fairy Dust Fairy Dust


Rune Factory 4

Small Crystal
RF4Small Crystal.png Runes that have crystalized over the years. Very rare.
Category Crystals Sell 12000G Buy 120000G Rarity -
[Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 80 ATK +80


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Crafting Table Hero's Proof 73 Chest Hair Small Crystal Rune Crystal
Crafting Table Proof of Wisdom 74 Moving Branch Small Crystal Rune Crystal
Crafting Table Prism Shield 78 Blue Scale Glitter Scale Crimson Scale Light Ore Small Crystal
Crafting Table Rune Shield 94 Dragonic Stone Dragon Fin Earthwyrm Scale Rune Crystal Small Crystal
Crafting Table Crown 95 Dragonic Stone Small Crystal Black Scale White Stone Rune Crystal
Crafting Table Fairy Boots 95 Earthwyrm Scale Small Crystal Melody Bottle Strings Feathers
Crafting Table Royal Garter 90 Dragonic Stone Ancient Orc Cloth Love Scale Small Crystal White Stone


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Gladius 90 Dragonic Stone Firewyrm Scale Small Crystal Throne of the Empire Claws and Fangs
Forge Bjor 74 Melody Bottle Holy Spore Orichalcum Small Crystal Sticks and Stems
Forge Saint Axe 98 Rune Sphere Shard Light Crystal White Crystal Small Crystal Big Crystal
Forge Gigant Hammer+ 71 Gigant Hammer Golem Spirit Stone Orichalcum Small Crystal
Forge Kongo 77 Strong Stone Dragonic Stone Small Crystal
Forge Mjolnir 86 Earthwyrm Scale Dragonic Stone Small Crystal Rune Crystal
Forge Dragoon Claw 76 Dragon Fang Blue Scale Glitter Scale Grimoire Scale Small Crystal
Forge Hand of God 82 Dragonic Stone Chimera Tail Ambrosia's Thorns Small Crystal Cloths and Skins
Forge Magic Shot 85 Earthwyrm Scale Melody Bottle Rune Crystal Small Crystal Sticks and Stems
Forge Hell Curse 87 Moving Branch Dragon Fin Cursed Doll Crystal Skull Small Crystal
Forge Sorcerer's Wand 99 Rune Sphere Shard Dragon Fin Rune Crystal Small Crystal Moving Branch



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