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For the game Rune factory : Tide of destiny, 55 skills or level-able ability's could be upgraded. In order to keep them sorted, there is some category :

  1. ) Mastering a weapon's type
  2. ) Mastering magic's use by elements
  3. ) Mastering movement's or move's during play
  4. ) Get a bonus about damaging a specific kind of monster.
  5. ) Mastering some tool's use
  6. ) Resistance to statue or aliment's
  7. ) Social interactions
  8. ) Golem's skills.

Note also that during the Lantern festival, Aden or Sonja could upgrade one of their skill's by making a wish.

Lantern festival wishes effets

Weapon's mastery


Equivalent of a rune's ability as item. Other's games as some skill's seal similar to that equipment.

Dual Blades

Wind Blast A sword technique that releases a tornado shockwave.

Dual Sash A heroic sword technique that requires both hands

Whirling Blades A crosscut followed by spinning attack with a finalrising blow


Grand March Charge forward while raining blows down around you.

Spinning Strike A charging spinning attack. The final blow sends your enemy flying.

Killer Quake Jump and pound your weapon into the ground, creating a wide shockwave.


Storm of Strikes Perform high speed cuts. The final strike launches enemies in the air

Sonic Wave Blast out a shockwave that will knock enemies into the air.

Long Sword

Zen Sword A sweeping attack thatr affects a large area, making it easy to use

Thunder Wave A broad wave of energy that strikes the area in front of the player

Lightning Storm Sends a storm of lightning blasting out in front of the player


Rapid Spike Stab your enemies multiple times and finish with a charging attack.

Tornado Chaser Spin your spear and perform a charging attack.

Stinger Rage This technique releasses and extremely long shockwave forward.


Stealth While a staff is equipped, your body will be covers in fog, confusing enemies

Counter While a staff is equipped, deflects some blows back at your attackers

Flee Foot While a staff is equipped, you move faster.

Magic's elements skills

Water Magic

Bubble Wand

Shoots bubble that penetrate enemies hitting anyone in their way

Earth Magic

Earth rod

Makes a short wave of up bursts from the ground

Fire Magic

Fire Wand

Shoots fireballs that kind of home in on your enemies

Wind Magic

Wind rod

Shoots a sickle of wind anywhere your pointing

Dark Magic

Hell rod

Fires a slow-spreading Tri-shot of fire, Fires a slow-spreading Quad-shot of fire, Finishes with a self-circling AoE Fire curtain.

Light Magic

Legendary Staff

[God End Magic] Fires a shaft of light in front of the player, than a bi-secting light that starts in front, and turns to the sides before finishing the combo with 4 lights, turning around the player. Powerful Magic summons an orb of light above you that rains down several photon bullets at enemies.

Physical Move's improvement


Eat food. All food provides the same boost.


Escape. Attack and immediately hit the jump button to dodge.
Stealth Creates a fog around to hide from monsters
Counter Reflect melee damage that would have hit the player back on to it's attackers.


Jump. Double-jumps give a slightly larger increase.

Mid-air attack

Damage an enemy while you are in the air.


Sleep in a bed.


Walk or run.

Class mastery when fighting a monster

Animal Fighting

Damage Animal type monsters.

Fiend Fighting

Damage Demon type monsters.

Insect Fighting

Damage Insect type monsters.

Magician Fighting

Damage Magic type monsters.

Plant Fighting

Damage Plant type monsters.

Slime Fighting

Damage Slime type monsters.

Strong Foe Fighting

Damage Power type monsters.

Skills involving the use of a tool


Forging - Blacksmith

The more difficult the recipe, the greater the skill boost if you succeed.


The more difficult the recipe, the greater the skill boost if you succeed.


The more difficult the recipe, the greater the skill boost if you succeed.


The more difficult the recipe, the greater the skill boost if you succeed.


Catch a fish. Failure gives a lower skill boost. The larger the fish, the greater the skill boost if you catch it.

Mixing - Pharmacy

The more difficult the recipe, the greater the skill boost if you succeed.

Monster's Care

Skill efficiency increase by taking care of monsters. Using a brush on your tamed monsters (limit once per monster per day), and harvest from tamed monsters.

Spirit wand - Spirit magic

Spirit Wand. Plant something (crop, tree, or ore) with a Spirit Wand.

Withstand particular health effect

Cold Resistance

Get the Cold status.

Death - Stun Resistance

Get the Stun status.


Endure hits received by attacks.

Fatigue Resist

Get the Fatigue status.

Paralyses Resist

Get the Paralyzed status.

Poison Resist

Get the Poisoned status.

Seal Resist

Get the Sealed status.

Sleep Resist

Get the Sleep status.


Take action when HP falls to 0.

Social skills


Complete requests.


Take a bath.

Festival Winner

Effect obtained by Winning festivals.

Friendly Neighbor

Talk to people (Limit once per person per day).


Talk to people (up to 3 times a day per person).


Raise or drop the sale price through haggling.

Spouse Affection

Participation in romantic and marriage events increase this skill.

Golem Skills

Golem Combat

Damage giant monsters. Larger increase if it kills them.

Golem Navigation

Have Ymir walk, run, or use auto travel with the sea chart.

Golem Stamina

Ymir's HP falls to 0 from an attack by a giant monster.

Golem Throw

Charge at giant monsters and throw them.

Golem Wrestling

Charge at giant monsters and get blocked.

Raising Island

Lift islands and rocks from the sea.


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