There are many skills Kyle can practice in the world of Rune Factory 2, all with the ability to help him in some way. Skills

First Generation Skills

While all skills are helpful, only a few are available to Kyle. These skills are available throughout the entire game.
Weapons - Your skill with swords, spears, and staves. Reduces RP consumption.

  • Farming - Your skill with hoes, waterpots, and sickles. Reduces RP consumption. A record of how hard you have worked
  • Mining - Your skill with the hammer. Keep on hitting those minerals! Reduces RP consumption.
  • Magic - Your skill with magic. Reduces RP consumption. Also allows more advanced magic books to be read.
  • Logging - Your skill with swinging axes. Reduces RP consumption. Show off your mighty arms!
  • Fishing - Your skill with a fishing pole. Reduces RP consumption when fishing.
  • Communication - Your skill in befriending monsters. Measures your love and caring. Increase to boost grooming bonuses.
  • Camping - Your skill at outdoor survival. Shows how comfortable you are in the wild. Increases HP recovery from camps.

Second Generation Skills

These more advanced skills can only be learned at a school and are only available to Kyle's child.

  • Pharmacy - Your skill with combining medicines. Increase to become able to make harder theory.
  • Accessories - Your skill with creating accessories. Increase to make even the toughest accessories...with your eyes closed!
  • Forging - Your skill with creating armor and weapons. Increase to be able to make new equipment. Tanya is said to be level 99.
  • Cooking - Your skill at cookery. Increase to learn new recipes and make higher-quality dishes.

Monster's skills

As a few but not the least move a friendly creature could do to help grow your farm's field are :
See Monsters (RF2)


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