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Swordsmanship involves fighting with the use of weapons. Despite the name of the skill, Swordsmanship involves not only the use of the sword, but also the use of the spear, axe, and hammer. Experience is gained by fighting monsters. Higher levels reduce RP and HP cost for every strike with a weapon.

To the player who frequents the caves will find this skill invaluable, because more often than not, monster generators need to be dispatched before he can go about retrieving resources within the dungeon. Stronger weapons consume much more RP and HP, meaning that the player should decide wisely on whether it would be cost-effective to switch to a stronger weapon. Early game however, one may find the sword more than enough to handle whatever the player may meet.

Note that the axe and hammer mentioned here should not be confused with the ones used for logging and mining, respectively. It is also worth noting that the sword can be also be used to cut weeds. Even though this method is faster than using a cheap sickle, it is probably not worth it especially when needing to conserve RP inside dungeons.

Leo the blacksmith sells weapons for the player to use, and stocks new weapons upon completion of dungeons.


You can forge many different things. I suggest forging the hammers so you can get the metals needed to forge things. At your forge you can forge several different things, such as swords, spears, axes, hammers, and farm tools.


Mining involves smashing rocks on tillable soil and mining ores and gems inside dungeons. Experience is gained in this skill through the use of the hammer. Higher levels reduce RP and HP cost of using the hammer.

Ores can be used to upgrade tools and gems can be used to create accessories or be given as gifts.

Mining experience is also gained when using the hammer to flatten tilled soil.


Farming involves most of the tasks you perform around your farm. Experience is gained in this skill through tilling the soil with the hoe, watering crops with the watering can, or cutting weeds or grazing grass with the sickle. Higher levels reduce the RP and HP cost of using the hoe, watering can and sickle.


Communication involves the interaction with tamed monsters. Experience is gained in this skill through brushing monsters with the brush, or harvesting resources from them through the use of the brush, milker, pair of shears and harvest basket. Higher levels in this skill improves the friendship gain rate when grooming monsters.

The player can obtain milk, wool, eggs and honey with this skill, and those items can be processed to more expensive items like mayonnaise, cheese and yarn. Resources obtained from monsters can also be used in cooking.


Camping involves camping out in dungeons overnight. Experience is gained in this skill through the use of the sleeping bag. Higher levels increase HP recovery rate and the number of times the player can sleep in the dungeon in one visit.

This skill is useful when the player needs to stay for extended periods of time inside a dungeon, probably to watch over crops, mine, fish or even to defeat monsters. Camping inside dungeons also prevent certain obstacles like poison puddles and fire from respawning the next day.


Improves chances of success in making potions, fertilizer, and stat boosting items. This skill also increases the number of pharmacy recipes you can try.


Improves chance of success in making accessories, as well as increases the number of accessory recipes you can try.


Logging involves chopping up branches and stumps to create lumber. Experience is gained in this skill through the use of the axe. Higher levels reduce RP and HP cost of using the axe.

Lumber can also be used to expand your house or to build monster huts.


Cooking involves cooking meals using various ingredients. Obviously, experience is gained in this skill by cooking at the kitchen. Higher levels allow the player to create higher level recipes, and increases the chance of successfully creating said recipes. Like most other skills, this skill still consumes RP.

There are several ways the player can prepare a meal. Initially, upon purchase of the kitchen, the player can only create meals that require only his hands. Better meals can be made using kitchen tools bought from Ivan, though he will not sell you the best ones until you have a larger kitchen. Recipes can be bought from the library on certain days.

This skill is notable as it gains levels very quickly, as long as the player has ingredients available. Failing to successfully prepare a meal gives the player flop which can be shipped for a meagre price.

Meals can recover HP, stats, and improve magical defence, and help you make dishes for a potential bride.


Fishing simply involves fishing in any body of water, either inside caves or around the town. Experience is gained in this skill through the use of the fishing rod. Higher levels reduce RP and HP cost when using the fishing rod.

Despite the fact that higher levels reduce the RP and HP cost of using the fishing rod, it is usually irrelevant, because fishing consumes a lot of time but consumes less energy. This is because the amount of time actually spent swinging the rod is much less than the time waiting for a bite. Since fish, even of the same type and level, do not stack, the player can fill his inventory completely before too much RP is used.

Fish can be used for cooking or shipped as is. In cooking, fish can be used to quickly and cheaply gain levels, because fish dishes usually do not require other ingredients. High level fish can earn a lot of money when shipped.