Sincerity General Store (まごころ雑貨店(ざっかてん), Magokoro Zakkaten) is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Blossom runs the Sincerity General Store with Doug. This is where the protagonist can buy vegetable seeds, groceries, and later on furniture (once ordered with the Order Symbol). As you complete quests, more seeds will become available. The furniture provided here are things such as a Storage Box, Weapons Rack, Closet and Tool Box. In order to buy these, lumber and stone must also be provided.


Seeds and Groceries

Veggie Seeds

Item Gold
Turnip Seeds 10
Potato Seeds 80
Spinach Seeds 60
Radish Speeds 120
Yam Seeds 250
Pumpkin Seeds 200
Cucumber Seeds 320
Carrot Seeds 400
Corn Seeds 450
Strawberry Seeds 400
Leek Seeds 680
Pink Turnip Seeds 160
Green Pepper Seeds 800
Fodder Seeds 30

Veggie Seeds +

Bok Choy Seeds 1000
Cabbage Seeds 980
Onion Seeds 1480
Tomato Seeds 1880
Gold Melon Seeds 2120
Pineapple Seeds 2800
Dungeon Seed 5000
Sword Seed 1500
Shield Seed 1500

General Goods

Rice 200
Chocolate 400
Wine 2000
Flour 320
Oil 650
Curry Powder 300
Rice Flour 100
Mixed Herbs 750
Sweet Powder 450
Sour Drop 250
Heavy Spice 480
Brush 2400
Clippers 1900
Magnifying Glass 2000



Gold Lumber Stone
Bookshelf 4000 80 20
Shop Box 6000 160 100
Storage Box 6000 100 160
Calendar 1000 2 1
Weapon Rack 10000 50 50
Farm Tool Box
Small Fodder Bin
Big Fodder Bin
Fertilizer Bin
Shipping Box
Lumber/Stone Box

Inner Locations

First Floor

Sincerity General Store Interior

Second Floor



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