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"Hey now! What are you doing to my patient?"

Simone (シモーヌ, Shimōnu, Simone[1]) is a character in Rune Factory 5.

Until you are formally introduced to her she is referred to as "Doctor-Like Lady" in dialogue. Then she will be referred to as "Lucy's Mother" then she will finally be known as "Simone".



Rigbarth's doctor and mayor, whom the townsfolk trust with their very lives. Puts her patients first and would never abandon someone in need of treatment. However, she tends to test her new medicines on people with unsettling casualness.


Simone's, Appearance is just as unique as she is. She seems to be quite confident in her figure as she wears tight clothing that show it off but only her stomach is bare. She wears a matching eyepatch over one eye indicating she lost it somehow, she also wears a ponytail like ornament to keep her hair up. Speaking of Simone has fair skin with long plum colored hair she keeps in a high ponytail and Ruby red eyes which she sees to have passed down to her son Julian. Yet he and his sister have blonde almost silver hair a trait seemingly passed on from their father along with Lucy's green eyes and freckles.


Simone is the mother of Lucy and Julian, as well as the mayor and doctor of Rigbarth.


Loved "Hm? Is this really for me? Thanks, <player>." "Aah, I love it! I never expected to receive something like this from you, <player>."
Invinciroid, Levelizer, Sandwich, Syringe
Liked Brooches, Mushroom, Relax Tea, Medicines, Wine, Grape Liqueur, Vegetable Juice, Rice Porridge, Monarch Mushroom
Disliked Apple, Tomato, Tomato Seeds, Mealy Apple, Scrap Metal, Weeds, Withered Grass, Failed Dish, Disgusting Food, Rock, Branch, Can, Rare Can, Boot
Hated Titan Tomato



5 136 83 15 32 31 16 13 32
RF5Fire.png RF5Water.png RF5Earth.png RF5Wind.png RF5Light.png RF5Dark.png RF5Love.png Weapon
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% Spears
Default: RF5Weapon.png RF5Head.png RF5Shirt2.png RF5Shoes.png RF5Shield.png RF5Accessory.png
Safety Lance



  • Simone is a French name meaning "to be heard".
  • Her husband is an archaeologist travelling the world.
  • It can be assumed Simone's husband has possible Green eyes, Freckles and Blonde hair if you look at Lucy and Julian.
  • Simone tends to push herself to hard which worries her children.
  • She, tends to complain about her husband but you can tell she misses him deep down.
  • She somehow lost one of her eyes.
  • If you catch Simone sleeping, she doesn't change her clothing sleeping in them including her lap coat.
  • She is best friends with Elsje and Misasagi.
  • She seems to enjoy alcohol quite a bit.
  • She is not fond of Tomatoes or Apples.