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Silver (銀, Gin) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory: Frontier

49px Silver Buy  RFFG.png
Sell  RFFG.png
A silver-colored mineral.Valuable
because of its many different
uses. Takes real skill to forge.
HP RP Type RFFTYPE.png Miscellany

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

File:RF3Silver.png A metal ore used to make weapons and accessories. Very versatile and can sell for a lot.
Category Goods Sell 260G Buy 1040G
30 +4 +2


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Burnin' Blade 30 Broadsword Silver Arrowhead Fire Crystal - -
Forge Gaia Sword 31 Broadsword Silver Earth Crystal Hammer Piece - -
Forge Sakura 36 Broadsword Silver Spore Spore Scorpion Tail -
Forge Smash Blade 59 Broadsword Silver Silver Silver - -
Forge Gorgeous Sword 74 Broadsword Silver Silver Gold Gold Platinum
Forge Platinum Sword 85 Broadsword Silver Platinum Platinum Insect Jaw Devil Horn
Forge Platinum Sword+ 88 Platinum Sword Silver Platinum Platinum Insect Jaw Devil Horn
Forge Broken Wall 30 Short Dagger Silver Earth Crystal Hammer Piece - -
Forge Sonic Dagger 36 Short Dagger Silver Wind Crystal Bird Wing - -
Forge Twin Blade 42 Short Dagger Silver Spore Spore Scorpion Tail -
Forge Force Divide 49 Short Dagger Silver Fire Crystal Water Crystal - -
Forge Platinum Edge 87 Short Dagger Silver Platinum Platinum Insect Jaw Devil Horn
Forge Emerald Edge 90 Platinum Edge Silver Emerald Emerald Insect Jaw Devil Horn
Forge Flame Saber 25 Claymore Bronze Silver Fire Crystal - -
Forge Cyclone Blade 27 Claymore Silver Silver Panther Claw - -
Forge Earth Shade 30 Claymore Silver Strong Vine Strong Vine - -
Forge Volcannon 32 Claymore Silver Gunpowder Gunpowder - -
Forge Poison Blade 35 Claymore Silver Spore Glue - -
Forge Flamberge 37 Claymore Silver Silver Bull Horn - -
Forge Katana 48 Claymore Silver Silver Silver Gold -
Forge Katzbalger 52 Claymore Silver Silver Gold Gold -
Forge Dancing Dicer 68 Claymore Silver Gold Platinum Wolf Fang -
Forge Moon Shadow 84 Claymore Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver
Forge Balmung 89 Claymore Silver Gold Platinum Platinum Dragon Bones
Forge Halberd 23 Spear Iron Iron Silver - -
Forge Corsesca 27 Spear Silver Silver Bull Horn - -
Forge Poison Spear 29 Spear Silver Spore Glue - -
Forge Corsesca+ 32 Corsesca Silver Silver Bull Horn - -
Forge Heavy Lance 34 Spear Silver Tortoise Shell Tortoise Shell - -
Forge Magical Lance 36 Spear Silver Amethyst Ruby Emerald Aquamarine
Forge Flare Lance 43 Spear Silver Fire Crystal Gunpowder - -
Forge Brionac 49 Spear Silver Gold Light Crystal Bull Horn -
Forge Trident 67 Spear Silver Gold Platinum Platinum -
Forge Great Axe 26 Battleaxe Silver Silver Panther Claw - -
Forge Crescent Axe 36 Battleaxe Silver Gold Glue - -
Forge Rock Axe 45 Battleaxe Silver Gold Proof of Warrior Bull Horn -
Forge Crescent Axe+ 50 Crescent Axe Silver Gold Glue - -
Forge Great Hammer 28 Battle Hammer Bronze Silver Hammer Piece - -
Forge Schnabel 69 Battle Hammer Silver Platinum Panther Claw Proof Of Warrior -
Forge Flare Staff 24 Rod Silver Fire Crystal Ruby - -
Forge Silver Staff 36 Rod Silver Aquamarine Root - -
Forge Earth Staff 41 Rod Silver Earth Crystal Glue - -
Forge Seasoned Hoe 30 Sturdy Hoe Silver Silver - - -
Forge Lion Waterpot 30 Tin Waterpot Silver Silver - - -
Forge Quality Sickle 30 Iron Sickle Silver - - - -
Forge Lumber Axe 30 Chopping Axe Silver Silver - - -
Forge Silver Hammer 30 Bronze Hammer Silver Silver Silver - -


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Workshop Bone Shield 36 Silver Silver Insect Jaw Bull Horn Bull Horn -
Workshop Kite Shield 37 Silver Silver Gold Gold - -
Workshop Chaos Shield 41 Silver Silver Scorpion Tail Scorpion Pincer Proof of Warrior -
Workshop Knight Shield 50 Silver Silver Gold Platinum Bull Horn -
Workshop Element Shield 69 Silver Silver Platinum Diamond Magic Powder Fairy Dust
Workshop Engagement Ring 20 Silver Silver Ruby - - -
Workshop Silver Pendant 20 Iron Silver - - - -
Workshop Silver Bracelet 25 Silver Quality Cloth Quality Cloth - - -
Workshop Critical Ring 30 Silver Hard Horn Panther Claw - - -
Workshop Magic Ring 31 Silver Magic Crystal - - - -
Workshop Holy Amulet 55 Silver Pendant Silver Silver - - -
Workshop Silver Ring 65 Silver Silver Silver - - -
Workshop Holy Rosary 68 Silver Silver Sparkle String Sparkle String - -


Liked Karina Icon.png Karina Gaius Icon.png Gaius
Neutral Sakuya Icon.png Sakuya Raven Icon.png Raven Zaid Icon.png Zaid Daria Icon.png Daria

Rune Factory 4

RF4Silver.png A type of mineral used in the forging of items and accessories. Valuable and highly sought after.
Category Minerals Sell 320G Buy 3600G
[Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 32 DEF +7


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Crafting Table Silver Bracelet 25 Silver Cloths and Skins
Crafting Table Silver Ring 24 Silver Crystals
Crafting Table Silent Ring 29 Silver Lamp Squid
Crafting Table Paralysis Ring 28 Silver Scorpion Tail
Crafting Table Poison Ring 27 Silver Poison Powder
Crafting Table Aquamarine Ring 15 Silver Aquamarine
Crafting Table Amethyst Ring 15 Silver Amethyst
Crafting Table Emerald Ring 15 Silver Emerald
Crafting Table Sapphire Ring 15 Silver Sapphire
Crafting Table Ruby Ring 15 Silver Ruby
Crafting Table Cursed Ring 15 Silver Shells and Bones
Crafting Table Happy Ring 30 Silver 4-Leaf Clover
Crafting Table Silver Pendant 20 Silver
Crafting Table Rosary 68 Silver Puppetry Strings
Crafting Table Chaos Shield 25 Silver Pretty Carapace
Crafting Table Chaos Shield 37 Gold Silver Mysterious Powder Crystals
Crafting Table Silver Hairpin 26 Silver
Crafting Table Silver Boots 18 Silver Shards
Crafting Table Heavy Boots 20 Silver Iron Pretty Carapace
Crafting Table Chain Mail 20 Silver Strings
Crafting Table Scale Vest 20 Silver Pretty Carapace Root


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Aqua Sword 15 Silver Aquamarine
Forge Spoon 25 Silver Silver
Forge Platinum Sword 38 Platinum Silver Claws and Fangs Sticks and Stems
Forge Wind Sword 40 Platinum Silver Wind Crystal
Forge Sea Cutter 21 Silver Aquamarine
Forge Poison Blade 27 Gold Silver Poison Powder
Forge Katzbalger 29 Gold Silver Rigid Horn
Forge Earth Shade 30 Gold Silver Earth Crystal
Forge Trident 18 Silver Sticks and Stems
Forge Water Spear 21 Silver Aquamarine Sticks and Stems
Forge Feather Lance 38 Platinum Silver Thick Stick Wind Crystal Feathers
Forge Pole Axe+ 20 Pole Axe Silver
Forge Tomahawk 28 Silver Emerald Silk Cloth Claws and Fangs
Forge Rock Axe 32 Gold Silver Giant's Gloves Earth Crystal
Forge Iron Bat 18 Bat Silver
Forge Great Hammer 22 Silver Shards
Forge Gigant Hammer 38 Platinum Gold Silver Shards
Forge Iron Edge 21 Iron Iron Silver
Forge Thief Knife 23 Silver Silver
Forge Acutorimass 23 Silver Silver Iron Iron
Forge Silver Staff 21 Silver Sticks and Stems
Forge Syringe 29 Silver Furs Sticks and Stems
Forge Seasoned Hoe 30 Silver
Forge Lion Waterpot 30 Silver Cloths and Skins
Forge Quality Sickle 30 Silver Shards
Forge Lumber Axe 30 Silver Stones Sticks and Stems
Forge Silver Hammer 30 Silver Sticks and Stems
Forge Skilled Pole 30 Silver Sticks and Stems Strings


Liked Clorica Icon.png Clorica Raven (RF4) Icon.png Raven