Ymir salvaging a Shrine

Description: Something lies beneath the waves...

Shrines are recurring temporary islands that dot the ocean floor of the Fenith Sea. Being Temporary Islands, Ymir can lift them and throw them back indefinitely, though he cannot move if he's carrying one. These shrines hold a variety of monsters.



Entering a Shrine, note that not all shrines have Spirit Logs

Shrines are, as their name states, massive shrines that are the size of islands which one of the Protagonists can explore for training or treasure.

The layout of this island is one set of steps which leads into the interior of the structure, in which a circular platform with a surounding lava pit is found. At the center of this platform is a monster gate, and the far end is the Treasure Chest. The Lava Pit will hurt not only you, but both allied and hostile monsters, even flying monsters such as Faeries.

Shrines are found in Quadrants B-7, C-3 NW, D-2, Sonja will tell you where they are. 

A Shrine of similar structure is found on Shrine Island .

On the Island


  • Chipsqueak
  • Buffalo
  • Mantis
  • Troll
  • Red Troll
  • Tricky Mushroom
  • Blue Goblin
  • Goblin
  • Goblin Pirate
  • Claw Dragon (via "Super Gate")
  • Minotauros (via "Super Gate")
  • Dark Unicorn
  • Silver Wolf
  • High Orc Archer


  • Monster Drops such as Magic Powder, Furs, Talons, Fangs, Hides, Horns, Knife Pieces, Proofs of Warrior and Glittering Edges.
  • Small Treasure Chest (via Treasure Chest)


Shrines do not play much into the story line, only serving for good sources of materials for weapons and accessories.

Other than that, it's rich monster wildlife makes it great for grinding up your character's level for the Elemental Shrines and other islands.


  • Although never explicitly mentioned, the Shrines were most likely created by the Ancient Civilization which made both the Ancient Statues and the Ancient Ruins , and quite possibly the Elemental Shrines as well.


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