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Short Dagger (ショートダガー, Shōtodagā) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Short Dagger File:RF3Short Dagger.png
Wield a sword in each hand to overwhelm foes. However, it renders all shields useless.
Category D.Blade Sell 110G Buy 950G
Normal +6


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Short Dagger 5 Iron Iron - - - -
Forge Steel Edge 9 Short Dagger Iron Iron - - -
Forge Iron Edge 13 Short Dagger Iron Iron - - -
Forge Thief Knife 16 Short Dagger Bronze Quality Cloth Quality Cloth - -
Forge Frost Edge 21 Short Dagger Bronze Quality Cloth - - -
Forge Steel Katana 25 Short Dagger Bronze Bronze - - -
Forge Wind Edge 28 Short Dagger Iron Scorpion Pincer - - -
Forge Broken Wall 30 Short Dagger Silver Earth Crystal Hammer Piece - -
Forge Salamander 32 Short Dagger Gold Arrowhead Fire Crystal - -
Forge Rampage 35 Short Dagger Gold Scorpion Pincer Panther Claw - -
Forge Sonic Dagger 36 Short Dagger Silver Wind Crystal Bird Wing - -
Forge Desert Wind 37 Short Dagger Earth Crystal Wind Crystal - - -
Forge Twin Blade 42 Short Dagger Silver Spore Spore Scorpion Tail -
Forge Heart Fire 45 Short Dagger Iron Gold Gunpowder Gunpowder -
Forge Force Divide 49 Short Dagger Silver Fire Crystal Water Crystal - -
Forge Orcus Sword 52 Short Dagger Platinum Proof of Warrior Proof of Warrior - -
Forge Deep Blizzard 56 Short Dagger Platinum Water Crystal Tortoise Shell Tortoise Shell -
Forge Chaos Edge 63 Short Dagger Gold Plant Stem Scorpion Tail Shoulder Piece -
Forge Invite Dark 68 Short Dagger Platinum Emerald Root Hood -
Forge Priest Saber 72 Short Dagger Platinum Proof Of Warrior Proof Of Warrior Cheap Bandage Raccoon Leaf
Forge Efreet 76 Short Dagger Gold Fire Crystal Magic Crystal Magic Crystal Red Lion Fur
Forge Dragoon Claw 82 Short Dagger Platinum Panther Claw Bull Horn Wolf Fang -
Forge Platinum Edge 87 Short Dagger Silver Platinum Platinum Insect Jaw Devil Horn
Forge Rune Edge 94 Short Dagger Platinum Platinum Platinum Diamond Fairy Dust
Forge Earnest Edge 95 Short Dagger Platinum Diamond Dragon Tooth Broken Hilt Broken Hilt
Forge Twin Justice 98 Short Dagger Diamond Diamond Dragon Tooth Dragon Tooth Dragon Fin


Rune Factory 4

Short Dagger
RF4Short Dagger.png Hold one in each hand to overwhelm your foes. If you do this, though, you can't bear a shield.
Category Dual Blade Sell 45G Buy 1310G
[Ability] ATK +28

Diz +3


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Short Dagger 5 Minerals Minerals