Shipwreck Island as seen from Ymir, at Night

Description: The wreck of a ship now rests here. Could it still hold treasure?

Shipwreck Island is a permanent island found in the northern part of the Fenith Sea. It holds treasure and monsters.



Shipwreck Island as seen from the Landing party

Shipwreck Island is an island found in Quadrant D-3 and is unlocked upon a request from Joe. It holds a ship similar to the ones that make up the Wrecked Ships, and the layout is akin to Shrine Island and Statue Island, with a circumference laden with Monster gates that one must break to get onboard the ship.

The ship itself is salvaged by Ymir on the ocean bed and then thrown onto a slab of land, thus making it the only island the Protagonist actually creates.

On the Island



    Aboard the Ship

  • Monster Box
  • Goblin Pirate
  • Geist
  • Buffamoo


  • Monster Drops such as Wakame Seaweed, Cloths, Knife Pieces, and Fangs.
  • Small Treasure Chest (via Treasure chest on board ship)
  • Higher Level Accessory Item (via Treasure chest on board ship)


Shipwreck Island's only real influential purpose is to fulfill Joe's request.

Other than that it is good for leveling up your character.


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